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Tuesday 13 April 2021

Real Reforms May Have Begun in Uzbekistan


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TASHKENT (UzReport) – Uzbek businessman, Alisher Usmanov gave an interview to Russia 1 TV channel, highlighting the profitable areas for investors to invest in Uzbekistan.

Usmanox said:

First of all, it is the deepening of processing of cotton, fruit and vegetable products and, most importantly, it is a full course for the development of mining wealth, which the Uzbek land is full of. And it is not just mining. Those fossils, which are in the territory of Uzbekistan, primarily concern non-ferrous metals.

The billionaire also expressed his opinion on real reforms in Uzbekistan:

The country, if not after the stagnation, after the hard, so to speak, overcoming of the Soviet legacy in the economy, for the first time has started real reforms. And the initiator of these reforms is the leader of the state, who has set a course, first of all, to improve the well-being of his people, as well as strengthen friendship and good neighborliness with the countries of Central Asia and the Russian Federation. I think this is not a bad start for big economic projects.

View online : Uzbekistan after Karimov

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  • What’s the business of this billionaire?

  • Usmanov made a fortune in the metallurgical industry through his conglomerate Metalloinvest. In 2000, he also became general manager of Gazprominvestholding, the holding company in charge of Gazprom’s investments, until 2014. In the 1980s, during Gorbachev era, he was convicted of corruption and spent 6 years in prison. His fortune in 2015: more than $14 billion.

  • These are all former aparchiks from the Soviet era who became businessmen. And to think that here in France there are still people who believe that the Soviet Union was great. Especially at the moment with the 60th anniversary of Gagarin we hear that.

  • The world is not fair. This fat pig with a 14 billion fortune and me can’ t save enough to buy my flat.

  • Don’t be jealous. Justice will be done in the other world... at least I hope so.

  • Reforms for whom? For the welfare of the people or to favor gangsters like him?

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