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Monday 3 May 2021

Facebook, Google, Apple and Others Pay Taxes in Uzbekistan


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TASHKENT (UzReport) – According to the press service of the State Tax Committee Facebook, Google, Apple and other companies have paid taxes in Uzbekistan.

Facebook paid the most taxes in 2020, 5.9 bln soums. Next comes Google with 3.4 bln soums, Apple (1.9 bln soums), Netflix (190 mln soums), Boooking.com (181 mln soums) and Yandex (136 mln soums).

Foreign Internet companies have paid 4.3 bln soums since the beginning of 2021. As of April 1, there were 26 such taxpayers. Uzbek citizens must pay the VAT of 15% when paying for their services. Indeed, starting from 2020, foreign Internet companies operating in Uzbekistan are recognised as taxpayers. A VAT office has been set up for them, which allows them to get registered and pay taxes.

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  • It’ s not clear. Do they actually pay taxes or just generate VAT? In the first case, the company pays taxes on its profits. In the second case, the company is only an intermediary between the consumer and the government; indeed, it is the consumer who is taxed.

  • Whatever the form, the tax is always paid by the consumer, in one way or another.

    In many countries, however, where collection of personal income taxes and corporate profit taxes has been historically weak, VAT collection has been more successful than other types of taxes.

  • How every country on earth hasn’t realized social networks are social engineering and blocked every last one of them is beyond me. No sane government would allow this. Unless of course the same people doing the social engineering control that government...

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