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Thursday 11 March 2021

Doha: Lavrov Discussed Afghan Issue Settlement

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DOHA (TASS) — Russia and Qatar discussed at talks in Doha the situation in Afghanistan as well as cooperation on the Afghan settlement, Foreign Minister of Qatar Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani told a joint news conference with the foreign ministers of Russia and Turkey, Sergey Lavrov and Mevlut Cavusoglu on Thursday.

The top diplomat said:

We discussed the situation in Libya and Afghanistan, we also [hope] for further cooperation on the Afghan issue. We are now cooperating with our friends from Russia.


We don’t see any objections to further negotiations, our relations with Russia are based on transparency in all aspects.

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  • everyone is meddling in the affairs of afghans except afghans themselves ; what qatar and turkey have to do with afghanistan? this is not their business .

  • Because Afghans (some not all) wanted to do Jihad against the Soviets and got help from Arabs, US and Europeans (NATO). These people had no good intentions. They all wanted a piece of Afghanistan, while the Russians, in that period of 1980-88, built factories, roads, schools... Now all those who helped the jihadists think that Afghanistan is their business. You should have thought about that before.

  • How you dare to say such things . soviets were invaders and killed a lot of afghans.

  • No crazier than the others. Indeed, it was not the Soviets who did the most damage in Afghanistan. And I am not a fan of the Soviet Union, by any means.

  • The Soviets brought Hell into being by invading Afghanistan in the first place.

  • The normalisation of the Soviet period is trendy. And leftists are decomplexing. The left are idiots and the GAFA billionaires are using them and their control of the media, big business, schools, and government to turn us all into a type of slave that the world has never seen....on a scale never seen.

  • @hammerbill : this is not the topic of this discussion.

    To everyone : It is late in Moscow. I am going to bed, but I will answer you another time.

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