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The Nuclear Deal Is Definitely Dead

A collateral victim of the Gaza conflict

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Since the outbreak of hostilities between Palestinians and Israelis, any hope of reviving the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the major powers (P5+1) [] has vanished. More than the Americans, it is the Iranians, at least those who are aligned with the Russians, who have sought it at all costs. Let’s look closely at the reason for this policy of breaking with the West.

Russia makes Iran say and do what it could not openly do without creating a major conflict. Whether in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon or Yemen, Iran is not defending its own interests but those of Russia, which has considered these countries as satellites since the Soviet era. In this respect, Iran plays the same role as Cuba did in the 1960-80s in Latin America.

Normalizing the situation with Iran is not in Russia’s interest. It is doing all it can to prevent it. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said it well in his leaked interview: in 2015, Lavrov did everything possible to derail the nuclear deal.

The Russians, the Caspian and the Iranians
The Rus’ first penetrated to the Muslim areas adjacent to the Caspian Sea as traders. By the early 9th century, the Norsemen settled in northwestern Russia, where they established a settlement. From there, they began trading with the Byzantine Empire along the Dnieper trade route and with the Muslim lands around the Caspian Sea along the Volga trade route.
The Russo-Persian War of 1722-1723, known in Russian historiography as the Persian campaign of Peter the Great, was a war between the Russian Empire and Safavid Iran, triggered by the tsar’s attempt to expand Russian influence in the Caspian and Caucasus regions and to prevent its rival, the Ottoman Empire, from territorial gains in the region at the expense of declining Safavid Iran.
The Russian victory ratified for Safavid Iran’s cession of their territories in the North Caucasus, South Caucasus and contemporary northern Iran to Russia, comprising the cities of Derbent (southern Dagestan) and Baku and their nearby surrounding lands, as well as the provinces of Gilan, Shirvan, Mazandaran and Astarabad conform the Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1723).
The territories remained in Russian hands for nine and twelve years, when respectively according to the Treaty of Resht of 1732 and the Treaty of Ganja of 1735, they were returned to Iran.
(Painting: “Rus’ Varangians and their longships in Gardariki”, by Nicholas Roerich)

Besides the fact that Russia needs an isolated Iran for its proxy wars, other motives come into play, namely oil and the Caspian.

Russia is the leading oil-producing country in the world. It does not have an efficient industry capable of exporting like other industrial countries. Its sales of arms and sometimes nuclear plants are not enough to maintain a huge country of 150 mln people, stretching over 10,000 km, and above all, involved in massive military spending. Russia survives only on its oil and gas revenues. And in the current gloomy situation, it does not want any competitor in this vital field. In this respect, it colludes with Saudi Arabia to do its utmost to prevent Iran from becoming a major oil exporter again. They are doing the same with Iraq. It should be noted that the largest hydrocarbon reserves in the world are not in Saudi Arabia nor in Russia, but in Iran and Iraq. Their ejections from the oil market are convenient for everyone, except of course the buyers.

Geo-strategically, since the beginning of the 18th century, Russia has sought to transform the Caspian Sea into an interior basin. All the Caspian riparians are landlocked countries, except Iran. Whatever the international political direction of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan, these countries, given their geographical destiny (as Napoleon would have said), will always be condemned to submit to Russia. Indeed, this has been the case for more than two centuries. Only Iran can escape. Since it is not possible to isolate Iran geographically, Russia seeks to isolate it politically. Eventually, Iran will have no choice but to join the Eurasian space (EAEU) as Ghalibaf already suggests, i.e. to become a province of the Russian Empire.

For two years now, Rouhani’s government has been playing the comedy of seeking to revive the nuclear agreement, while the Iranian regime has been doing everything possible to kill it once and for all: from uranium enrichment to pseudo-revolutionary adventures, everything is being done so that Joseph Biden cannot, even with the best will in the world, return to the agreement.

The current events in Gaza are obviously a godsend for this policy. Things did not break out spontaneously, they had been prepared for more than a month, in other words with the beginning of the month of Ramadan. It is indeed a plot led by the Russians and their Iranian agents.

The Iranian hardliners believe they are in a strong position by relying on China. They are convinced that they will be able to integrate into the Chinese economic space and thus do without the West at the lowest cost. However, they will soon be disappointed. In addition to the well known Chinese plundering practices, China is on the verge of collapse as I already announced more than a year ago. The signs of this collapse are numerous: the very repressive laws on food wasting, the shortage of electronic circuits and other components, the suspension of many construction sites, the shutdown of many state-run news websites… China is in slow motion, and what they are announcing is only propaganda.

Iran has bet on the Chinese lame horse and has full confidence in its worst enemy, Russia. Will it be able to get out of this enclave? Cuba, for sixty years, has not been able to do so. ■

[China, France, Russia, UK, USA + EU.

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  • China also wants Iran isolated. Currently, Iran has no other choice than to sell its oil to China cheaper and buy everything it needs from China.

  • This article just repeats what I keep saying in this forum.

  • I am quite surprised by this article. Most of the time I agree with your opinions but not this time.20 years ago I would had agreed, but I have re-programmed myself since then.Israel is a huge part of the problem in the middle east. Always has been.It is also the only country that has militarily attacked the US following the second world war.

  • In this world, you have to be in an alliance with a super power. It is not becoming a province of Russia as Nazar says that really disappoints me with this article. The alliance with Russia allows Iran to escape from the grip of NATO. And to equip and industrialize, why buy from the West what could be acquired three times cheaper by the Chinese.

  • @Texan

    This is the price of success.

    I too had a recent comment about the Caspian. My comment was about Turkey, but as a rule, the importance of the Caspian in the Russian game is underestimated.

  • Azerbaijan needs a corridor connecting it to Nakhchivan and from there to Turkey. we are a Turkish people and there is no reason to be dominated by slavs

  • Concerning "The Russo-Persian War of 1722-1723" (the illustration of the article), the Cambridge History of Iran says "perhaps the only long-term consequence was the consciousness on the part of Russia’s rulers that their armies had once marched beyond the Caucasus, that the Russian flag had flown over the southern shore of the Caspian Sea."

  • I just don’t think the Iranians think in the very negative way you think they do. The West has painted the Iranians as a pariah nation but this a misconception brought about because of the Islamic revolution. The Americans, in particular, like to demonise other countries and focus their vitriol on these countries. It stems, I think, from a continuation of Cold War mentality. I do not agree with the fundamentalism in Iran, but the Iranian people are young and wish to be more western. We just need to leave Iran alone and they will return voluntarily to civilisation.

  • To stay in power, the islamic regime sells Iran to the best bidder. Perhaps the West should make a better offer!

  • In other words, Putin is the new Tzar and he wants to finish what Peter the Great begun 300 years ago.

  • The veneration of Peter, a very unassuming man in his private life, began almost immediately after his death and continued regardless of the changes in Russia’s political regimes. Peter became the object of a reverent cult in the city of St Petersburg which he founded, as well as throughout the Russian Empire

    The cities of Petrograd, Petrodvorets, Petrokrepost, and Petrozavodsk bore his name; large geographical sites, Peter the Great Island and Peter the Great Bay, were also named after him. In Russia and beyond, the so-called Peter the Great Lodge, where, according to legends, the monarch stayed, is protected. Many cities have monuments to Peter the Great, the most famous (and first) of which is the Bronze Horseman in St Petersburg’s Senate Square.

  • The West plunders the 3rd world. China helps them to developp and proposes honnest deals. This is the reason why the 3rd world prefer the chinese companies. China will lead a world free of spoiliation of weak by powerfull.

  • Iran is not exploiting no one. The exploitation comes from UK and USA and zioinism

  • Go, go Russia! Don’t let the western Nazi take your land never again. They have tried in 181.2 and 1941. and failed miserably. This time they should be destroyed by military means for good, God willing! Живела Русија и њен племенити народ! Они су деца древне мајке Србије.

  • Even as talks to lift sanctions against the Iranian regime are advancing in Vienna, Iranian leaders are openly encouraging Hamas to launch more rockets at Israel. The head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force, Esmail Ghaani, in a phone call with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, recently applauded Hamas for its attacks. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has been inciting terrorism on social media. Pictured: Missiles are paraded past a portrait of Khamenei on the occasion of the country’s annual army day on April 18, 2018, in Tehran.

  • In farsi we say "kos o sher" tgis is something like "bull shit" in english.

  • Only countries making nuclear bombs enrich uranium like Iran, warns UN.

  • I’ve been hearing Iran is just months away from getting the bomb since the 90s. Best thing is to just get out of that dried up shit hole. AKA the middle east.

  • Israel ready to risk relationship with US to prevent a return to Iran Deal.

  • Blandine Brière, sister of Benjamin, the 35-year-old French tourist who was arrested in May 2020 in Iran, has decided to speak out publicly after remaining discreet about her brother’s fate for several months at the request of the French Foreign Ministry. Still in shock, she has just learned that her brother, detained for a year in Mashhad (North-East), is going to be tried by the revolutionary court for "espionage" and "propaganda against the political system of the Islamic Republic of Iran. ". "We are well aware that the issue is elsewhere, that it is completely beyond us. He was caught in a trap. Benjamin is not a spy, he is an ordinary French citizen, a tourist who found himself caught up in an unreal affair", the sister continues. The young woman was able to talk to him four times in one year. The last time was on 23 May. "He was fine, as far as possible. There are 13 of them in a dormitory, without any privacy. He is learning Persian and working on leather, which allows him to keep going, even if he realises how much trouble he is in. According to her, the French authorities have no concrete information to give him or his family," Blandine laments. "We are angry, we have no visibility. We have wisely kept silent for months, as we were asked to do, but it is no longer possible, we are standing still. We are asking for help from the French authorities, for someone to tell us: we are taking care of him, we are going to get him out of there. Blandine has even written an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron to "implore him to put an end to this situation". In Iran, espionage is punishable by death, and propaganda against the system by three months to a year in prison.

  • It’s the election campaign in Iran. The seven candidates for the Iranian presidential election participated on Saturday in the first televised debate two weeks before the election. An exchange marked by accusations between reformers and ultraconservatives on the economic situation of Iran.

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