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Asia Is Lying

The more a country seems to remain immune to the coronavirus, the more it needs to be doubted...

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For over two months now, the coronavirus death-counter in China has been stuck at 4,634. Since then, the world’s most populous country, where the pandemic began, has fallen in the world rankings to 21st place in terms of infections (83,430 cases) and 18th in terms of deaths. At this rate, even Greenland will soon overtake China. Impressive, isn’t it?


In our pseudo-scientific age, numbers and statistics are truths in themselves. It is sufficient for any organization to publish any data to be taken up as the gospel word and repeated indiscriminately. These repetitions simply amplify the pseudo-truths of the initial ineptitude to the point where challenging them would be like challenging the laws of physics.

As far as I am concerned, fortunately God has given me a brain and put a certain amount of intelligence into it in order to refuse accepting anything that contradicts the rules of logic and the laws of nature, no matter how much the Lord Himself says so.

Either the Chinese and other Asians have found a cure for COVID-19 and are keeping it jealously to themselves, or they are suffering the consequences of the epidemic just like others: there is no mystery and no miracle. The natural laws of this epidemic having a very high transmission rate (4.5≤R0≤7.2 compared to 2.2 for an ordinary flu) mean that sooner or later a huge majority of people (some models predict 80%) will inevitably be infected. Of these, 1-5%, depending on the country, will die. Aggravating factors are secondary conditions (age, chronic diseases and obesity) and hospitals’ capacity. Containment will not reduce the rate of contamination, rather it will spread it over time, thus reducing the burden on hospitals. At best, containment will only halve the number of deaths.

The statistics published by China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand [1] and all Asian countries are irrelevant and even laughable. I include Japan [2] and South Korea in this.

According to the dynamics of COVID-19, at least half of the Chinese population has already been contaminated (≈750 mln people), and in the best cases, there have been more than 7 million deaths.

Some object that such a huge number of deaths could not be concealed. I would argue that of course it could and what could be easier. Ordinarily, 850,000 people die every month in China. The country has very easily the capability to treat 3 times that quantity more, that is 2,550,000+850,000= 3,400,000/month, scattered in 21,000 cities and 550,000 villages of the country.

The media and journalists who repeat and relay the lies of the Chinese are obviously guilty: either of stupidity or criminal complicity.

The communist states are above all enormous machines of manipulation through disinformation. For the last 30 years, the mistake has been to believe that China is not a communist country. ■

View online : The unanticipated factor that is reshaping the World Order

[1At the end of March this year, the King of Thailand took refuge in a luxury hotel in Germany, in the company of his harem of 20 wives and his entire suite. Officially, at that time, his country had only 1,524 cases of infections and just 9 deaths, while Germany was among the first 5 or 6 hit (in terms of cases). If his country was so spared, why did the King flee it to isolate himself in one of the most affected countries?

[2The disastrous management of Princess Diamond liner by the Japanese authorities is yet another reason to doubt Japan’s supposedly exceptional ability to properly handle the pandemic.

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  • I can’t wait until the Chi-coms take over and throw us into the manure spreaders. Like the English dead at the battle Waterloo who were ground up for fertilizer and sold to Britain’s farmers. I once thought that this was a pristine example of British pragmatism, but I was doubly wrong. Other sources for fertilizer were available that were cheaper and more effective than he bones of dead English soldiers from Waterloo. It was a pristine example however, an example of humor, the type of humor that included bits and pieces of regimental uniforms that allowed farmers to identify specific regiments to whom the bones once belonged.

  • I wonder how many idiots feel that they are less threatening when they wear their eyeglasses at the end of their nose. The English psychology is so socially pandering that they take a man like Lord Hah Hah and use an infantile euphemism to off-task the gibbering English chimps. Imagine the pukes trying to cough up a sound-bite that would work on the English public; "Let’s call him Lord Hah Hah, that’ll work on the slobbering Jackasses". "No, that’ll never work, they can’t be that infantile". "Yes, it will, due to generations of self-denigration and nihilism that has been drilled into them."

  • China? What a laugh. We all know China has Zero to do with the problems in the U.S.A. When the U.S.A. is making money so is China. Look who benefits from COVID-19. It is not China.

  • The WHO, Gates, Clinton, China, DS they are all connected. They created this Pandemic to take down Trump and take back control.

  • It’s scary to see how the CCP have infiltrated so many governments around the world. Talk to the average Australian and they’ll say "cut all ties with China", but there are a handful of fairly powerful politicians in the CCP’s payroll who are holding us back.

  • Of course China is lying. Don’t trust their statistics, everything is over- or under- estimated according to their interests. But when you look closely, the figures don’t match up. It’ s clear that it’s all a fraud.

  • Africa is falling under Chinese domination. Their rulers are enchanted by the money and infrastructure flowing in from China, but they will soon discover what real oppression is. Their silly rebellious skirmishes will be a thing of the past and they will feel the lash much stronger than under the British or the French. I’m afraid those who don’t end up in slavery will be dead in no time. God help the native animals, they will only be colateral damage. The Chinese don’t care much about either group.

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