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Monday 26 April 2021

Zarif Reveals Revolutionary Guards Power in Leaked Interview

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NEW DELHI (WION) — A leaked interview of Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has set off a firestorm in Iran.

In the tapes, Zarif reveals how the Revolutionary Guards overrule government decisions and call the shots.

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  • I don’t understand why they say it’s a bombshell. everybody knew these "revelations".

  • Seems to me to be a fake leak. This guy - Zarif - staged off confidences to be leaked.

  • The key thing is Russia’s deception. I’ve said it before, Putin doesn’t want Iran in the oil market. He wants Iran to be under permanent sanctions.

  • The "Revolutionary" Guards is a Marxist-oriented organization. It was created by the Soviet Union at the beginning of the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1980. Putin is a former KGB agent.

  • There is internal conflict in almost any government. It is highly probable that Zarif and many others gained from Suleimani’s death since it leaves a power vacuum in the Iranian government.

  • It’ s well known that Zarif is an American agent. His entire family (wife and children) live in the US. He has American citizenship. He is trying to undermine Russia. Unluckily for people like him, in the upcoming elections, Iran will get rid of all these NATO agents.

  • We Iranians, our major problem is since the 19th century our country is a battleground for Russia and GB/USA . We are not an independent country, anybody in the governement is an agent for a foreign power.

    Personnaly I prefer the american domination to the Russians.Russian domination always means poverty and backwardness.

  • I confirm, Zarif is an american agent. Rohani too. The relations of Iran with Russia are very beneficial for the iranian independence.

  • دو کلام هم از امیر توده ای بشنوید

  • Hypocrites made trimmed the interview to suit their agenda

  • آفرین به این مرد شریف، برجسته ترین دیپلمات عالم. شجاعت کرد اصل مسئله رو گفت. یه مشت پاسدار دست گذاشتن رو مملکت نمیزارن کسی کاسبی کنه. اینها اگر مسلمان بودند میدونستن که محمد خودش یک بیزینس من بود. مولی علی هم همینطور. کاسبی از ارکان دین اسلام است. امیدوارم برای جناب ظریف دردسر پیش نیاد.

  • Wow. Government officials do not or did not agree? That’s a first. One was a diplomat and promoted diplomacy. One was in the military and promoted less diplomacy. Why leaders have input from several sources. It’s part of their discussions.

  • @Anahit Hovanessian

    Of course he is a traitor he must be executed .

    این دولت روحانی نوکر غرب اه. این کار ظریف هم عمدی بوده خودش رو آماده کرده تا پناهنده بشه به آمریکا. انتخابات بعدی خر نشید به این جاسوس های مارمولک رای ندهید.

  • All these years Iran was presented as a great power when in fact it was only a paper tiger. This confession shows that Iran is simply a Russian lackey, nothing more. If Russia dropped Iran, the country would fall in a few days. It is therefore Russia that should be put under pressure, not Iran. Iran does not matter, it is only propaganda.

  • A government agent is responsible for finding an architect to build a tower
    So he brings 3 architects, a Chinese, an American and an Iranian. The Chinese architect says I charge 3 Millions, 1.5M for material, 1M for workers and 0.5M as my salary.

    He goes to the next one. The American architect says I charge 6 Millions, 3M for material, 2M for workers and 1M as my salary.

    Finally he asks the Iranian. The Iranian architect says I charge 9 Millions. The agent asks surprisingly "How come?!"

    The Iranian replies: "You take 3M, I take 3M and we pay 3M to the Chinese to build the tower"

  • somebody is trying to sink the biden attempt at making peace with the Persians. We have no business or right to be bothering those people about anything.

  • When Ayatollah came to power in 1979, he didn’t trust the Iranian military. And as a result, they created the National Guard which takes the orders from the supreme leader and not the military.

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