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Biden’s Policy on Iran

Iran is far from being out of trouble

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Given the new American administration under Joe Biden, the big question for us here at the Gazette is what will be the White House’s policy on the Middle East and Iran in particular. Indeed, the past shows that leaders do not necessarily do what they have said and promised.

Death to America
Iranian Protesters Burning US Flag in Tehran, November 2018.
(Credit: Tasnim News Agency)

Iran is the missing piece that could link Central Asia to the rest of the world. The normalisation of this country by abandoning its revolutionary character, which has lasted for more than forty years, is the sine qua non condition to open this door and revive the true Silk Road. However, the end of the Islamic “revolution” (only the revolution and not the Islamic republic) will have to be accompanied by the anti-Americanism of the regime in Tehran. Unfortunately, the Islamic Republic is very much attached to this anti-Americanism, for it has been, since the 1960s, in a purely opportunistic and non-ideological way, the justification for the overthrow of the ancient regime.

Yet this anti-Americanism only benefits the United States’ rivals (Russia, China and also Europe) and remains a major obstacle to the country’s economic development. Nevertheless, the abandonment of this dogma does not exclusively rely on the Iranians. In the past, the Americans have deliberately encouraged these feelings, particularly under the presidency of Jimmy Carter (1977-1981), by supporting revolutionary Marxist and/or Islamist groups.

Joe Biden has promised a return of the United States to the 2015 nuclear treaty. Can Tehran celebrate his accession to the White House? Nothing is guaranteed.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, candidate Trump was rather satisfied with the nuclear treaty, while candidate Hilary Clinton, who was behind the rapprochement with Iran during Obama’s first term, shamelessly declared wanting to literally “bomb” Iran. Once Trump was elected, matters then changed radically, as the new President walked out of the treaty while Democrats, including Hillary, became its biggest supporters.

We therefore believe that nothing has yet been won for the Iranians, since Biden is absolutely not bound by its purely electoral rhetoric, seeking only to contradict its rival Trump.

On the other hand, Biden is bound by alliances with Arab countries. These relationships have always predominated US policy in the Middle East.

The new American administration, seriously weakened by suspicions of electoral fraud, the scandal of the Biden Junior and above all the Obamagate, will be forced to treat the Iranian dossier with extreme caution. It is not in the coming months that Tehran will see the sanctions against it lifted, especially considering that no one wants Iranian oil in a very depressed market. ■

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  • Biden’s policy on Iran is not the policy of the Americans. America is now a communist country. Democracy no longer exists. The American people have been utterly betrayed by authorities. Now they must fight to take it back. There is no other way!

  • Senile Joe can’t assemble a pair of matching socks and phony Kamala does her best work on her knees. A disaster in the making.

  • Biden, Trump, Obama, all the same. They are all Israel puppet: USI no USA

  • These Iranians don’t grasp that the first thing they should do is stop burning the American flag.

  • Obama & Biden sent Iran $152 billion to cover up deaths of SEAL team. Bin Laden has been reported dead many times and he did have a serious illness (Marfan syndrome). Peace Nobel Prize Obama created ISIS. The same government traitors that funded and supplied ISIS also pushed the immigration plot and the public media campaign propaganda to get countries to allow the mass immigration.

  • When u have anti us government obviously people will face hard sanctions ,despite having democratic way of choosing government still us seeks regime change in Iran. Saudi , uae Bahrain Qatar Oman still have king rule they don’t seek regime change.

  • Trump was busy setting up the post-US involvement before the election, and afterwards.

  • Burning a flag is a harmless expression of anger. Dropping tons of napalm is a destructive expression of greed. Muslims seek a world where only God is worshipped, Westerners and especially Americans, aim to create a world where only money is worshipped, and nothing else. Human rights serve only this purpose. There is nothing sacred in this piece of paper. But God is sacred. Human Rights are a smokescreen to hide the greed of Greco-Roman civilisation, based on permanent war. Only Islam is able to put an end to this permanent state of war. YES, the heroic people of Iran who stood by Ayatollah Khomeini to oust the Americans and Westerners in general are right.

  • You can criticise the US for a lot of things, but very inappropriate when it comes from an Islamist (I don’t mean an Iranian, as most of them are fleeing their barbarian rulers). You have a refined speech in the manner of Tariq Ramadan, but it doesn’t fool anyone anymore.

  • Iran’s animosity towards America is a self defeating obsession. Sensible leaders would have sought to put it behind them and concentrated on developing as another wealthy gulf state at peace with the world.

  • @Nicolas de Strasbourg

    As an Iranian, I agree with you 100%.

    Americans at least give freedom and prosperity to their own people. The regime of mollas in Iran has ruined the country and is killing the people. Fortunately they don’t have the nuke otherwise they would drop it not on Israel, but on the Iranians themselves to shut them up.

  • Since the very first day of Islam, muslims waged war on non-muslims . and when they couldn’t find non-muslims, they went to war with each other. Islam is the religion of war; it was Muhammad’s way of life. In all their texts like those of al-Tabari (the most prestigious historian of islam), they boast of having killed thousands and thousands of non-believers. When I hear muslims say that "Islam is the religion of PEACE!!" , I tell them either you are ignorant of your own religion or you are dishonest .

  • Thank you for the frightening proof that the morons have all been deprived of independent thinking and thus those logical conclusions from your masterful, tireless contributions that are evident from you are also logically not perceived by these lemmings!👍🏻

  • It is becoming more and more clear that Biden and the Democrats have no other policy than to be in power. What they say is worthless and serves only to manipulate opinion in the moment. So the very title of this article is misleading since it implies that Biden has some kind of plan regarding Iran. I think the Iranians have guessed this and are not so keen.

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