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Major Adjustment in Trump’s Afghan Strategy

Wednesday 11 July 2018

KABUL (TASS) — The Trump administration has ruled out changes to key elements of its military and political strategy for stabilising Afghanistan, a Russian news agency reports.

On Tuesday, Reuters said the United States was preparing to review the strategy a year after President Donald Trump agreed to extend America’s involvement in the 17-year-old war. Commenting on the report, a National Security Council spokesperson told TASS: “We are not planning an overarching review of our core strategy, like the one conducted last summer.”

The administration regularly conducted reviews of strategies, examining their effectiveness and making necessary adjustments to ensure US resources were used in the most efficient way possible, the official said.

President Trump, while complaining of EU members of the alliance paying less than their fair share, has repeatedly pressed NATO members to meet their annual defence spending obligations. US partners have substantially hiked in contributions to the mission in Afghanistan over the past year, according to the official, who expected allies to carry their fair share of the burden in Afghanistan:

The international community remains committed to supporting the Afghan forces as they work towards an Afghan-owned, Afghan-led solution to the conflict.


The administration remains committed to a conditions-based strategy. The Taliban cannot wait us out. We were encouraged by the June ceasefire, and we stand by the Afghan government as it seeks a political settlement to ending the war.

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