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Tajikistan to Accede to WTO in December

Friday 2 November 2012

GENEVA (WTO press service) – Tajikistan’s accession to the WTO cleared a major hurdle on 26 October 2012 when the Working Party on its accession approved, ad referendum, the package spelling out its terms of entry to the organization.

As part of the accession, Tajikistan concluded six bilateral agreements on market access for services and 13 on market access for goods.
Goods: Tajikistan has agreed to accept “bound” rates, i.e. maximum ceiling levels, for all its import tariffs. Tariffs will be “ordinary customs duties” only, within committed levels, with no additional duties and charges. The average of Tajikistan’s “bound” tariffs, for all products, is 8.0%. For agricultural products, this average is 10.4% while for non-agricultural products the average is 7.6%.
Services: Tajikistan has made specific commitments in 11 services sectors, including 111 sub-sectors. Tajikistan’s licensing procedures and conditions would not act as independent barriers to market access in services. Licensing procedures and conditions would be published prior to becoming effective.

The Working Party on Tajikistan’s accession, chaired by Ambassador Clyde Kull (Estonia), agreed, ad referendum, on the terms of the country’s membership to the WTO by adopting the package containing reforms to Tajikistan’s trade regime, market access schedules on goods and services, the Ministerial Decision and the Protocol of Accession.

The Working Party will now send its accession recommendation to the General Council of 11-12 December 2012, when all members are expected to approve these documents and accept Tajikistan as a WTO member. Tajikistan will have until 7 June 2013 to ratify its accession package. Tajikistan will become a full-fledged member 30 days after it notifies the WTO of the ratification.

Tajikistan applied for WTO membership on 29 May 2001. As part of the accession accord, it has agreed to undertake a series of important commitments to further open its trade regime and accelerate its integration in the world economy. The deal offers as well a transparent and predictable environment for trade and foreign investment.

Tajikistan would apply WTO provisions uniformly throughout its entire territory, including in regions engaging in border trade, special economic zones and areas where special regimes for tariffs, taxes and regulations were established.

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