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Thursday 13 October 2011

Tajikistan Limits Electricity Consumption


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(Asia-Plus) – Tajik company Barki Tojik (برق تاجیک) has officially limited the electricity supply to the country’s regions, Asia-PLUS reported on Thursday.

During the fall-winter season the company will supply limited volume of power to the regions, and it is up to the local authorities how to distribute the electricity. According to the company’s estimations, the limited supply will be enough to provide residential area and industrial objects with electricity during 10-12 hours a day.

The limit is reportedly connected with drop in inflow in the Vakhsh river. It will not be applied in the country’s capital and major cities. According to the company, this step is aimed to prevent troubles with electricity supply of Tajikistan during the winter period.

In the spring and summer, Tajik hydropower plants generate a huge amount of electricity that is exported to neighboring countries. But in the autumn and winter, especially if the summer was dry and the water level in reservoirs is low, electricity is rationed for about six months.

Tajikistan introduced limited electricity supply last year, beginning from Nov. 2.

Tajkistan Electricity Consumption
(billions of kWh)

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