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Tuesday 27 April 2021

Russian Diplomat Says Iran’s Missile Program in JCPOA Is Unrealistic

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BERLIN (TASS) — The idea of expanding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear program to cover that country’s missile program is unrealistic and counterproductive, Russian Permanent Representative to the Vienna-based international organizations Mikhail Ulyanov said in an interview with Germany’s Der Spiegel on Tuesday.

“It was absolutely unrealistic and counterproductive”, he said. “After all, control over the Iranian nuclear program is not mere development of missiles and the problem of regional security. After two rounds of talks [on the JCPOA in Vienna], I has an impression that it was absolutely clear for all participants: our goal is just to restore the initial agreement. Without any supplements or discussions.”

According to the Russian diplomat, it would be desirable to finish the Vienna talks by May 21 but “no one can have any exact forecasts.”

“A temporary agreement between Iran and the IAEA that envisages an acceptable level of IAEA verification activities expires on May 22. Apart from that, a new president will be elected in Iran in June”" he explained.

"There is no reasonable alternative to the successful completion of talks. Anyway, we see positive dynamics. We are on the right path," Ulyanov stressed.

However, he noted he did not think that direct contacts between the U.S. and Iranian delegation were possible at the moment. Nevertheless, in his words, the talks can be successfully completed without it. “I think it is possible. When the JCPOA is restored and as soon as the United States is its member nations again, both sides will automatically speak with each other directly as they will meet at regular rounds with other signatory nations”, he said.

He also said that acts of sabotage like the one at the nuclear facility in Natanz were “extremely counterproductive”. According to the Russian diplomat, the Natanz incident was followed by “heated debates, first of all between Iran and Western European nations” during the meeting in Vienna.

Ulyanov expressed regret over Israel’s position on the nuclear deal. Moscow, in his words, is convinced that the deal is in the interests of Israel and other Iran’s neighbours.

He answered in the affirmative when asked whether Moscow would continue efforts to bar access to nuclear weapons for Iran.

The JCPOA Joint Commission had several offline meetings in Vienna in April to discuss prospects for the United States’ possible return to the deal and steps needed to ensure full and efficient compliance with the deal’s terms by all its signatories. The commission members continue to discuss ways of restoring the nuclear deal at informal meetings in various formats, including at an expert level.

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  • Invade Iran and liberate the country from Russian-Chinese-Califate domination-oppression-tyranny.

  • Always the same imperialist NATO "rant": Bomb, invade, bring democracy... Of course, by democracy I mean a puppet who is favourable to NATO and antagonizes with Russia, exactly the same way currently in Ukrain.

  • You are right! NATO should bomb, invade and bring democracy to ......... RUSSIA....and......CHINA... Why wasting time with Iran?!

  • Iran gave Russia permission to use an old airport Russia used in 2015-16 for it’s strategic bombers to rearm, refuel, etc. I understand there’s some squadrons of Tu-22M3M staged there now.

    Russia created the means to by-pass US sanctions so Iran, Venezuela, and others can get paid, and pay for goods.

    Russia is providing escort for Iranian tankers moving oil to Syria.

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