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Wednesday 2 June 2021

Fire Breaks Out at Refinery in Southern Tehran

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TEHRAN (Ruptly) — Ruptly was live from southern Tehran on Wednesday, June 2, as a fire erupted at Tondguyan Oil Refinery.

As Iran prepares to resume oil exports at levels comparable to before President Trump’s sanctions, a major fire strikes its oil facilities in the vicinity of the capital.

Mansour Darajati, the director general of crisis management at the Tehran Governor’s Office, said one of the connecting pipelines inside the refinery had caught fire. He said an explosion occurred because of a leak at the transmission pipe inside the refinery. The public relations department of the oil refinery said no act of sabotage was associated with the blaze.

There were no immediate reports of casualties.

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  • Last year Beirut port, this year an Iranian refinery... Global "Chemdemic" !.

  • Oh my - nuclear facilities blow up, leaders accidentally assassinated, ships sunk and now refineriy on fire. Suspicious or Netanyahu’s war machine trying for reelection?

  • Maybe a Russian plot. They don’t really want Iran back on the oil market.

  • Zarathustra (Zoroaster) takes revenge on the Muslim invaders of Persia who persecuted and exiled the ancient religion of Mazdaism, which honors the ....... FIRE, in the temples of "fire", which is increasingly raging in Iran. Said without superstition, just to underline the irony and the revenge of history.

  • It is possible that Russia is trying to stir up trouble, I would not be surprised at all, after what they did in Karabakh they are capable of anything.

  • @Albatros

    Whatever happened in Iran, Israel must be blamed. If Iran continues to go wrong like this, the country will not be able to advance.

  • There is no attack, no conspiracy, no anything like that. It’ s simply incompetence. Talented people are fleeing the country and only dumb people are left. The result is that there is nothing that is properly functioning anymore.

  • Meanwhile in Iraq, four oil tanks exploded near an oil well in al-Khowaisat area in Basra.

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