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60% of Tajik Disabled Children Born in Closely Related Couples

Monday 3 September 2018

DUSHANBE (TajikTTA) — 1300-1400 disabled children are registered annually in Tajikistan, of which 55-60% were born as a result of marriages between close relatives, President Emomali Rahmon said at a meeting with healthcare workers on September 1.

In this purpose, the press service of the President of Rahmon quotes:

The main purpose of compulsory medical examination of persons entering into marriage is to ensure their constitutional rights to life and health, create conditions for the formation of a healthy, happy family and prevent the birth of disabled children.


The maintenance of children with disabilities costs the state 24 mln somoni ($2.5 ) a year, and over 14,000 somoni ($1,400) per disabled child.

The total number of disabled children as of April 1, 2018 is 26,000 people, of which 2,000 are currently held in institutions of public health and social protection. The disability pension (social pension) for disabled children averaged 224 somoni per month ($23.7).

Rahmon drew attention to the fact that despite the government’s attention to the issue of social protection of the population, in some cities and districts the majority of children and adolescents who, due to related marriages, became disabled, are deprived of primary medical care and access to training.

The President noted that at the present time the mortality rate of the mother and child has decreased in the country. According to statistics, the death rate of mothers is 24.1 people per 100,000 live-births and the death rate of children — 21 people per 1000 live-births. “But even these indicators oblige us to take urgent measures to eliminate the existing shortcomings”, he stressed.

In January 2016, Tajikistan has banned marriages between close relatives: it was forbidden to marry between children of brothers, sisters’ children, children of uncles and aunts.

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