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Wednesday 9 December 2020

With Biden, “Lifting of anti-Iran Sanctions Possible” Says French Diplomat

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TEHRAN (IRNA) — The Biden administration’s plan to lift sanctions against Iran, particularly on medicine and healthcare equipment, can be carried out very rapidly and unconditionally in order to provide an appropriate ground for good next steps, François Nicoullaud, the former French ambassador to Tehran, told IRNA in an exclusive interview.

The French diplomat has been working in diplomatic apparatus since 1964. He served as ambassador to Tehran (2005-2001) and Hungary, and as one of France’s top diplomats in New York, Santiago, Berlin and Mumbai.

The following is an excerpt of the remarks made by François Nicoullaud:

I hope that one of the first measures of the Biden administration would be lifting of sanctions imposed against Iran. The upcoming US administration’s act to lift sanctions, in particular on medicine and healthcare equipment, could be implemented very quickly and unconditionally, which could pave the way for proper next steps.


Joe Biden was the Vice President of the United States during former President Barack Obama, at the time of the nuclear talks, which led to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal (dubbed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). Biden has always supported the JCPOA. So it makes sense that Biden wants to get the United States back on track and revive the deal. Contrary to common presumptions, the president in the United States does not have absolute power and cannot act against the ruling currents, some of which oppose the top official. In this case, the certainty of Iran’s conduct would be effective to change the situation and lead the future events and developments. At first phase, it seems that there is a good deal of determination on the part of President-elect Biden.

The European governments are obviously committed to preserving the JCPOA; though, it must be acknowledged that they have been weak in the face of President Donald Trump’s aggressive strategies. Although, Europeans might not be expected to earnestly challenge US policies, because they have many historical and real ties with the United States. On the other hand, the U.S. will witness substantial changes after the victory of President-elect Biden. He can pave the way for his country and Europe to work together to pave the ground for diplomacy in dealing with Iran. The European nations are determined to uphold old world order and the global agreement as an important element in security and stability of the Middle East region.

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