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Saturday 10 April 2021

US, Iran Clash; Possible Impasse

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VIENNA, PARIS (Reuters) — U.S. and Iranian officials clashed on Friday over what sanctions the United States should lift to resume compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal, with Washington predicting an impasse if Tehran sticks to a demand that all sanctions since 2017 be removed.

The two nations laid out tough stances as indirect talks in Vienna on how to bring both back into full compliance with the agreement wound up for the week, with some delegates citing progress.

The talks, in which European Union officials are shuttling between the remaining parties to the deal and the United States, aim to restore the bargain at the core of the agreement - restrictions on Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for the lifting of U.S. and other international sanctions.

Read the Reuters report for more information.

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  • The Pasdaran are doing everything they can to sabotage normalisation. They prefer the current situation.

  • Why would they do something like that?! What are your points?

  • Because they are affraid to lose the power if Iran opens to the West.

  • Khamenei was a KGB agent and today he is entirely under the control of Putin. Russia don’t want a a friendship between Iran and the USA. This is a very old sovietic policy but it will fail because people in Iran are more and more anti russian and anti Chinese.

  • Conspiracy theories, Russian/KGB version? HA HA HA...

  • Every time something is unpleasant, it becomes a conspiracy theory. For example, the fact that dady Stalin killed 30 million people is just a conspiracy theory.

  • Iran’s attitude is incomprehensible and illogical. I mean from the point of view of Iran’s own interests. They are waging war on the Western world by relying on the arch-enemies of Islam, Russia and China. The persecution of Muslim Uyghurs is well known, but Orthodox Russians are also very anti-Muslim. Putin himself once said so. On the other hand, Western countries are very tolerant of Muslims. Too tolerant.

  • I will explain you why their attitude is logical.

    Some people in Iran are earning a lot of money from the current situation. The sanctions are very beneficial for them because they can smuggle items that we cannot officially import and sell at 3x their normal price. Others are making money by transferring funds through various channels. All these people, connected to the regime, want the situation to remain the same.

  • Iran is not a revolutionary country, Iran is a corrupt country. Ideology serves to hide the corruption. The Shiite clergy is above all a gigantic crime cartel. Their last concern is the development of the economy and the welfare of the people. Yet, Iranians deserve them because they have freely chosen them.

  • Mr Texan,

    You dont have the right to condemn the whole of Iranian people for the misconduct of a minority. First, we young Iranians are paying the price of a stupid choice of our parents. If they made a mistake, why we should pay for the eternity for this mistake. But even our parents never wanted the current situation. They were manipulated by liberal and leftist media of the western world like the BBC. The liberals back always tyrants and corrupts. We can see it with the Biden (also Obama, Clinton) administration who is very Mullah-friendly. Iranians are very different from their regime. You never find a single Iranian Islamist terrorist, they are all either arabs, pakis, Turks, chechens, Indonesian... but never Iranian. Why?! Because Iranians like the western way of life. They are maybe Muslim - less and less - but not fanatics.

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