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Saturday 15 May 2021

Scientists Call for Investigation of Wuhan Lab

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PARIS (Satrapia) — An international group of prominent scientists has published an open letter calling for further investigation into the potential for the coronavirus pandemic to have been triggered by a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, claiming that the World Health Organisation has dismissed this possibility without properly examining it.

Investigate the origins of COVID-19
The authors of this open letter published by Science believe that the WHO has not conducted a “balanced consideration” of the possibility of a leak of COVID-19 from the Wuhan laboratory.
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The scientists, who all work for the world’s leading universities and health organisations, insist that the origins of the pandemic need to be further explored and that the laboratory leak theory remains “viable” despite statements to the opposite by the WHO.

Last February, the University of Hamburg published a comprehensive study that leaves little doubt as to the origin of the pandemic. If in the year 2020 the hypothesis of a leak from the Wuhan laboratory could still be considered a mere rumour, in the light of this research, which only confirms our own analyses within the editorial staff of the Gazette, China’s exoneration can only be explained by dishonest grounds.

Earlier, it surfaced that the Wuhan laboratory had been holding a sample of coronavirus 96.2% identical to COVID-19 for almost ten years.

The most astonishing aspect of this affair is that whenever voices in the West have risen to defend the Wuhan laboratory while discrediting and ridiculing the allegations, it has turned out that the people in question were in some way connected with the Wuhan laboratory. The most notorious person is none other than Dr Fauci, now a member of Joseph Biden’s administration. The key point is whether these high-level officials are protecting the interests of the general public or their private concerns.

For us at the Gazette of Central Asia, China’s responsibility is clear and it will have to pay the damages. As for its accomplices in the West and within the WHO, they must be severely punished.

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  • There are too much private interests with China to let an investigation be done. The official version is already endorsed: it was a bat that transmitted it, even though the virus has never been found in any animal (apart from those that caught it from humans).

  • China has become so arrogant that it treats the states of the world as it treats its own citizens. The worst is that everyone complies with it, because everyone has an interest. Russia needs the alliance with China to counter the US, the US and Europe to get cheap labor, the third world to sell raw materials and receive investments. In the end, only India can play a role in stopping China’s tyranny.

  • 骄兵必败 : "The arrogant army will certainly lose the battle" — Chinese proverb.

  • The WHO, China, Biden, Bill Gates, DS they are all connected.

    Bring the factories and the jobs back to the USA 👍

  • The whole world already calls it the "Wuhan Flu". What is Wuhan famous for? Answer: Wuhan is famous for making Biological Weapons.

    BTW, India has the guts to reveal what is happening to it’s people unlike China who hides the sufferings and poverty of its people to save its image. China is a fake country.

  • A genetic analysis of the spike-protein genes –- the exact region that was bio-engineered by the UNC lab in 2015, where Zhengli Shi and Xing-Yi Ge previously isolated a batty coronavirus that targets the ACE2 receptor just like this COVID-19 strain of the coronavirus does -– indicates an artificial and unnatural origins of the Wuhan Strain’s spike-protein genes when they are compared to the genomes of wild relatives.

    Instead of appearing similar and homologous to its wild relatives, an important section of the Wuhan Strain’s spike-protein region shares the most genetic similarity with a bio-engineered commercially available gene sequence that’s designed to help with immunotherapy research. It is mathematically possible for this to happen in nature -– but only in a ten-thousand bats chained to ten-thousand Petri dishes and given until infinity sense.

  • The American empire is over. China is the new world leader. Screw you, "The Gazette", you’re a real loser. You are full of wind and piss. You know nothing about Chinese morality... Buddhism, Confucius, Lao-Tse.... It’s a 4000 year old culture.

  • An investigation on the Wuhan laboratory? Why not investigate the headquarters of the CPP, or the Chinese military command center? How is it possible to investigate such a thing, especially since the accident happened at least a year and a half ago. But we can investigate Fauci and all those folks who were in business with the Wuhan lab.

  • The CCP will be very proud of themselves being in the history of the world for creating the virus that wreak havok to every corner of the globe. Breaking the record of any country in copying, spying, killing innocent people, great in bullying other country, great in lying about the plandemic they created, and genocide in xinjiang province.

  • Losers trash China to make themselves feel better in this nasty way. The losers are here to pick a fight and upset peaceful China. They spit things out of their mouths that aren’t even real to cause conflict for their own selfish pleasures. But you know what you should do when you are in a situation where a Loser is trying to provoke you? Ignore them.

    They have 120 million unemployed and 260,000 people have lost their lives, corpses are burning everywhere, and the air is filled with the smell of burning corpses. At the same time, the Chinese can enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the Indian farce with delight on the other side of the Internet. Sometimes the Chinese whine for the economic colony (India) :Human beings are the same, but their fate is different. Thank goodness we were not born in India.

  • The CCP is not China or the Chinese. The CCP is a monster that has enslaved the Chinese people. Those who defend the CCP are not Chinese, they are not even human beings. This is the same CCP that starved 50 million people to death in the 1960s. This is the same CCP that genocides Tibetans and Uyghurs. The same CCP supported Pol-Poth in Cambodia to kill 2 million people. The same CCP is helping North Korea with its nuclear and ballistic programmes. In fact, North Korea only exists thanks to the CCP.

  • Without the CCP China would still be an occupied country either by Japan of USA. Look at "Taiwan" wich is no more an american colony. The CCP gave independence to China, it also helped other people like the vietnameses, the Koreans... to get rid of their colonistaors. Yankees don"t like the CPP because of this, because of their defeat in Vietnam and other places. Thanks to the CCP China has now the biggest GDP in the world. Don’t be jealous, accept it so we can be friends.

  • The Indian variant comes from China.

    I say loud and clear that the so-called Indian variant comes from China. I am ready to bet a large sum of money with the members of this forum.

    For more than a year now the Chinese have decreed that there is no longer a pandemic in their country. Not a single death in China, the country where the pandemic originated, for one year now. Such a lie can only be motivated if the condition in China is very very critical.

    The different variants of the coronavirus, Indian, Brazilian, British, all come from China. It’ s quite natural : it’s in this country that the virus circulates since at least two years and where it had the time to mutate.

    It would therefore be more accurate to call the different variants like Wuhan.10, Wuhan.12, Wuhan.20 etc

  • GOP representatives on the House Intelligence Committee have demanded an update from the White House and the Director of National Intelligence on the possibility that the coronavirus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China.

  • The Red Cross says: "Anyone who has received their Covid-19 vaccine cannot donate convalescent plasma to help other Covid-19 patients in hospitals.

    The vaccine wipes out the antibodies making the convalescent plasma ineffective in treating other Covid-19 patients."

    "At this time individuals who have received a COVID-19 vaccine are not able to donate convalescent plasma with the Red Cross."

    "If you receive a vaccine, knowing the name of the manufacturer (e.g. Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson) is important in determining your eligibility."

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