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Friday 30 April 2021

Over 3,500 Deaths/Day in India

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BERLIN (DW News) — India has set another global record in coronavirus cases, reporting almost 380,000 new infections in the last day. Medical aid from abroad has started arriving in the country, but hospitals are still struggling with shortages of staff and supplies, including oxygen.

India’s health care system is so overwhelmed that many patients are being turned away.

Delhi is one hotspot of India’s COVID-19 emergency. Maharashtra state and the city of Mumbai is another. Here vaccination centres ran out of supplies on Wednesday. India is one of the biggest producers of vaccines. But it doesn’t have enough to vaccinate the next 600 mln people who will become eligible for the jab.

Amid the frustration and suffering this: A 105-year-old man and his 95-year-old wife have survived a COVID-19 infection. The family says they want that story to give hope to others. For many fighting the disease, hope and prayers are all they have to help them.

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  • Meanwhile, Pakistan and all other Muslim countries are managing the pandemic very well.

  • Go and check Your çountry your dıplomats are stealıng from korean shops fıghtıng on bıryanı and cake...every tıme you can not throw stones on others to wash your embarrassment..you are supportıng terroısm...entıre world can see ıt..

  • My mom always told me I wouldn’t accomplish anything by lying in bed all day. But look at me now, ma! I’m saving the world!

  • 401,993 cases, 3523 deaths in last 24 hours in INDIA.

    At the Patel COVID hospital in Gujarat’s Bharuch, at least 18 COVID patients were killed in a fire. The fire broke out in the ICU wing of the hospital due to a short circuit.

    HA! HA! HA! God does not like hindus.

  • Arangzeb, you are just disgusting.

    What a heartbreaking news on every alternative days of these hospitals fires. I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to it’s details.

    This is really appalling incident for those who had to go through it and would live in it’s haunting memories. May God give them courage to heal fast from both physical and emotional wounds.

  • “Power will go to the hands of ras­cals, rogues, free­boot­ers; all Indian lead­ers will be of low cal­i­bre & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst them­selves for power and India will be lost in polit­i­cal squab­bles. A day would come when even air and water would be taxed in India.”- Winston Churchill - perhaps Churchill was right all this while and in the days to come.

  • Pakistan offers to help its enemy with love, this is the teaching of Islam, India refuses with hate, this is the teaching of Hinduism..

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