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Friday 21 September 2018

US holds Iran Fully Accountable for Attacks

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TEHRAN (TASS) — The US Permanent Representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, has accused Iran to be responsible for all conflicts in the Middle East and promised that the United States will answer Tehran for attacking the US embassy in Baghdad.

She made a corresponding statement, speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Thursday. “If there is one country that is a source of instability in the Middle East, one country that deserves constant discussion in the Security Council is not Israel, but Iran”, she said. In particular, Haley said that Iran uses controlled groups in Iraq to carry out attacks on Americans:

Across the Middle East, Iran has trampled on the sovereignty of its neighbours. In Lebanon. In Syria. In Yemen. And the Iranian regime has shown a total disregard of the sovereignty of a country that is at a critical stage in its political development: Iraq.

Iran’s leaders pretend their interference in the sovereignty of other nations is done in the name of religious affiliation. They like to claim that they have been “invited” into the affairs of other countries. In fact, the motives of the mullahs are much less elevated. They are interested in power. In the case of Iraq, their goal is to exploit uncertainty in order to create an Iranian-controlled corridor for weapons and fighters from Tehran to the Mediterranean.

In recent months, Iran’s aggression has escalated. Iranian proxies in Iraq operate openly, with funding, training, and weapons supplied by Tehran. The Iranian regime has reportedly begun over the last few months to transfer ballistic missiles to these proxies in Iraq. It is reportedly developing the capability for its proxy militias to produce their own missiles inside of Iraq.

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