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Tuesday 27 April 2021

Saudi Arabia to Teach Indian Epics in Schools

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NEW DELHI (WION) – Ramayan & Mahabharat will soon be taught in Saudi Arabia. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) has directed schools to include the 2 Indian epics in their curriculum.

In a sign of openness and abandonment of Islamic radicalism, Prince MBS is introducing the teaching in schools of something fundamentally pagan. This is a first in the history of the peninsula for fourteen centuries.

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  • It is really a shame from the country that is the guardian of Mecca. this prince MBS is a traitor, he wants to liquidate Islam . This is a plot by christian countries to destroy Islam from within. Fortunately Pakistan is there to defend ALLAH ..

  • HA HA HA!! Pakistan to defend Allah! Poor Pakis, their country is falling apart and they want to defend Allah himself. Good luck !

    Otherwise, how is your lithum treating you, Arangzeb?

  • This is to show muslim pupils hwo ridiculus the hindu religion is.

  • Hindus have a childish religion. They have plenty of gods who eat, drink and make love (and war). They do not have the capacity to imagine a God who is not material. They cannot understand that the God who created the material world cannot be of the same stuff as his creature. The Indians are backward, like the chimpanzees.

  • Good initiative, Muslims are so ignorant about other religions. After all, MBS is not so bad.

  • Your link is very relevant Mr. Facebook. Hinduism is exactly this kind of ignominy.Hindus have no morality, no decency, they live like animals . The Mughals tried to reform India through Islam, they failed because these people are not reformable.

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