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Monday 8 March 2021

Pope Holds Outdoor Mass in Iraqi Kurdistan

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HEWLER-Erbil (NRT TV, Vatican press service) — Returning to Iraqi Kurdistan capital city of Erbil from Mosul and Qaraqosh, Pope Francis concluded the third day of his historic trip to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region on Sunday with an outdoor mass for thousands of Catholics at Franso Hariri Stadium.

During his homily, Pope Francis said that many people here in Iraq carry the wounds of violence and war. “Our hearts must be pure and free from lies and hypocrisy”, he said, adding that people should avoid being greedy for power while other people are suffering. He said that people have to correct their wrongdoing practically. “Your patience and mercy compelled me to make a pilgrimage to Iraq and I did so to thank you.”

It was the second public mass during the trip following a Saturday night service in Baghdad at St. Joseph Cathedral.

The pontiff arrived at Erbil International Airport in the morning, where he was greeted by children in traditional clothes singing songs and waving flags and olive branches. During a quick stop, he met with members of the political leadership of Iraq’s Kurdistan Region.

He then flew by helicopter to Mosul and Qaraqosh, two cities occupied by the Islamic State (IS, ex ISIS/ISIL/DAESH) terror group, praying in the still shattered remains of the former’s Old City.

He will return to Baghdad following the mass and depart for Rome on Monday morning.

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  • what has trump to do with this?!

  • Obama created ISIS, Trump destroyed it

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  • You don’t have to like each other, but you need to get along. Otherwise you’ll have a constant life of what’s going on today. And that is the root problem of all that is going on here these days. Some groups don’t like others at all thus you have today’s mad culture. These people Don’t want to get along. They want and seemingly like the nasty violence. They want to invade your space, they want to take your stuff and shame you for who you are, simply because you do not resemble them in any way. Hurting and destroying you is their goal simply because they think they need to rather than just getting along. This is the result of allowing people of many different cultures, (some of whom are notorious for their nasty disposition, and rejecting the idea of assimilation), to mix in with other cultures who’s willing to accept them, in hopes of discouraging discrimination and promoting benevolent behavior. Sadly, not all cultures agree with the practice of benevolent behavior resulting in today’s insane, nasty, and so called cancel culture to which not one sane, intelligent person wants to be a part of.

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