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Wednesday 24 February 2021

Pakistan Slams France Anti-Islamist Bill

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NEW DELHI (WION) – Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi urged France on Saturday to desist from entrenching “discriminatory attitudes” against Muslims into laws aimed at fighting so-called extremism.

Alvi was referring to a bill introduced by French President Emmanuel Macron last year to fight “Islamist separatism”. France is the Western country hardest hit by jihadist terrorism.

Arif Alvi believes: “When you see that laws are being changed in favour of a majority to isolate a minority, that is a dangerous precedent.”

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  • Muslims are not good for Europe.. It’s like putting sand in the engine of your car - it will only destroy our once fine and functioning system.


  • It’s unbelievable, Pakistan wants to change FRENCH laws!! But FRANCE doesn’t ask Paxtan to change theirs. They do what they want at home, the French! And Pakis in their own country.

  • The clash of civilizations is not a myth.

    These people live a medieval life, they believe in Allah but they are the first ones to rush to Europe to go to the miscreants in search of a better life (look for the error).

  • Let us acknowledge the deep hatred of millions of Pakistanis for France and the French because of a simple cartoon that was not even intended for them. And now, let us ponder. There are thousands of Pakistani citizens in France. Apart from the few genuine refugees who have been persecuted by Islamists, it is a safe bet that the rest share at least some of their countrymen’s hatred of us. For reasons of national security, should we not seriously consider sending them back to their country? Or do you really prefer to wait as if nothing had happened until they have taken root here, so that tomorrow they can force us to accept their civilisation, so marked by love, peace and tolerance?

  • it’s sad for humanity just.... sad and shameful

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