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Friday 14 May 2021

Macron Backs Armenia against Azerbaijan

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YEREVAN (ArmenPress) — French President Emanuel Macron made a post in Armenian on his Facebook page after a telephone conversation with caretaker Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

Macron wrote:

The Azerbaijani armed forces have invaded the Armenian territories. They must immediately withdraw. I once again tell the Armenian people — France is stands with Armenia and will continue doing so.

On May 12 in the morning the Azerbaijani armed forces crossed Armenia’s state border in the territory of Sev Lake in Syunik province and advanced up to 3,5 km, trying to surround the Lake. Caretaker Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said this action is intolerable for Armenia, as it is an encroachment on the sovereign territory of Armenia.

So far, neither the Armenian nor the Azerbaijani side have used any weapon. The number of Azerbaijani soldiers in the territory of Armenia is about 250.

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  • France is following more and more an anti Turk policy. This is not good for europe becuse Turkey and Azerbaijan are strategic for them. Mrs Merkel should give some advice to Macron.

  • Perhaps there is hope that Europe will change its mind and begin to understand that it cannot rely on the Turks and Azeris. They cannot be trusted. Many thanks to France and President Macron.

  • Macron is losing his re-election. He is trying to get some Armenian votes. The Armenian community is very strong in France. Several major politicians were of Armenian origin, for example prime minister Balladur.

  • @Anahit Hovanessian

    Don’t be fooled by Macron and his electoral tricks. He is fundamentally anti-Christian. See in what state France is. He is directly responsible for it. In just one generation, France which was a world power is becoming a third world country. However, if Marine Le Pen is elected, France’s attitude towards your country will genuinely change.

  • I don’t know if Macron will be re-elected, but Marine Le Pen will never win a presidential election, it’s simply impossible. Her ideas offend the majority of French people. I think the next president will be Anne Hidalgo, the current mayor of Paris.

  • Macron is afraid of losing election? Just CHEAT . It`s how we do it in America. Or maybe you need domnion voting machines.

  • BS detector said "Macron is afraid of losing election? Just CHEAT"

    Dont worry, they already did that during his election in 2017.

  • They are Globalists that rule. It is all a big show with actors on both sides playing the same game. A person that is not a Globalist will never be elected since the freemassons run the elections behind the curtain. The number one goal is convincing the public a two party system is reality and they accomplish this by targeting your emotions where they bypass your common sense.

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