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Wednesday 28 April 2021

Kerry Denies Telling Zarif of Israeli Strikes on Syria

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MOSCOW (RT) – U.S. climate envoy John Kerry has denied passing information on Israeli military operations in Syria to his one-time Iranian counterpart, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who made the claim in leaked audio, enraging GOP critics.

A controversial recording leaked to the New York Times on Sunday captured a far-reaching, hours-long discussion between Zarif and economist Saeed Leylaz. At one point in the sit-down, the Iranian FM says Kerry informed him that Tel Aviv had carried out more than 200 strikes on “Iranian interests” in Syria, a revelation Zarif reportedly called “astonishing”.

Recorded last month and originally obtained by the London-based Persian news outlet Iran International, the leaked audio quickly sparked demands from Republican lawmakers for Kerry to step down, among them Senators Dan Sullivan (Alaska) and Rick Scott (Florida). New York GOP Representative Elise Stefanik, meanwhile, went even further, saying the former secretary of state “must be immediately investigated and prosecuted”.

However, Kerry weighed in later on Monday night to set the record straight amid the controversy, insisting the allegations are “unequivocally false”. “This never happened — either when I was secretary of state or since”, he added.

Tehran, for its part, has not disputed the authenticity of the recording, though a Foreign Ministry spokesman argued the behind-closed-doors conversation was leaked “illegally” and that portions had been “cherry-picked” for political purposes.

Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris debate the issue:

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  • We need to defund the government stop paying your taxes and stop giving them a paycheck until they get things right

  • Ted Cruz goes after John Kerry after allegations he revealed secrets to Iran.

  • Kerry’s son is married into the Iranian regime.

  • Who is Kerry’s daughter married to? Why is this important? Boycott Heinz foods. That’s his wife...fyi

  • Mike Pompeo: "While I was briefing Trump, Kerry was briefing Iran"

  • Traitors Hang for treason.. Hangem high..!

  • Normally I’d say fuck Israel but this is a blatant attempt to provoke Iran into attacking in order to drive us into getting the Iran war the deep state so desperately wants

  • This is typical of the USA, a country of corrupt people, all ready to sell their country. But in Hollywood movies of course, they are all heroes. In video games too.

  • John Kerry - and by a large margin the Biden administration - have become virtual pawns and agents of the Iranian government.

  • How do we know this is true to begin with? People lie and can doctor evidence all the time. MSM is promoting this a bit - they are riddled with state and foregien actors. What is the motive of Kerry to sell out the Israelis? Did they piss him off? The Iranians are cozy with the Chinese, they hate the USA for good reason and this benefits them both. Mention China because this has their MO all over it and the USA rulers are at cold war with them. Just too many question in the background for me to bite the hook of this narrative.

  • If he’s now saying that some of these reports were public, does this mean he’s acknowledging that he gave this information to the enemy?

  • Under Trump, the Iranian people were stirring, the sanctions were creating unrest, the people may have done what needed doing... but now they are going to be nicely under the thumb again of their enriched, theocratic regime.

  • What’s more interesting is that US at the time was providing Iran with cash and nuclear concessions at the same time supporting ISIS to fight Iran in Syria and no doubt direct attacks as well.

  • Sad to our country in such disarray. If you’re serious & care , it’s about time we pray in one accord in the name of the Creator. In the beginning was the word & in the end is the Word.

  • God will judge those traitors like Kerry, but we will also have to answer to Him for not doing anything.

  • John Kerry is a traitor. Hillary is a traitor. Bill Clinton worked with drug lords to import cocaine in Mena, Arkansas. Not to mention his "body count." Obama was trading guns to drug lords in "Fast-n-furious." Joe Biden takes bribes. Pelosi takes bribes. Insider trading. ENRON. Bernie Madoff type scams. Housing bubbles. Scamdemics. False flags. The CIA and the Bush’s created and funded al Qaeda and ISIS. The FBI run BLM and ANTIFA. Our entire government are traitors, liars and thieves. Need 9/11? Need a murder? Wanna steal the pensions legally? Call your congressman.

  • Karry was in IRAN during the TRUMP ERA communicating with top foreign enemies.: WE know this because trump threatened him

  • Iran is blackmailing the Obama administration... There have been dirty deals with missiles...

  • President Trump told us about John Kerry and his shady dealings with Iran almost 2 years ago: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Gm8fUqeMgEp3/

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