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Friday 19 March 2021

Kazakh Women Protesting against Xinjiang Pogrom

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NEW DELHI (WION) — A group of female demonstrators in Kazakhstan is demanding safe passage for their relatives who are trapped or missing in the Xinjiang region in China.

Uighurs overseas often hesitate to publicly talk about human rights abuses for fear of repercussions against their relatives in China.

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  • Mr. Chu, Du, and Fu were three friends from China that wanted to come to the US. In order to get a visa, they were told they needed a more “American” name.

    So, Chu became Chuck,

    Du became Duck,

    And Fu,

    ... well, Fu remained in China.

  • China has made a concerted effort to dilute & dissolve all traces of Uyghur culture through suppression of religious freedom & forced assimilation. Detainees are forced to pledge loyalty to the CCP & renounce Islam, they say, as well as sing praises for communism & forced to learn mandarin.

  • "renounce Islam"

    Where is the problem? China deserves a prize for this action.

  • Some are saying where is Imran Khan? Why doesn’t he do something about it? I say, we have a more serious threat which is India. Unfortunately, we have to sacrifice the Uyghurs because we need the alliance with China against this abomination that is India. Anyway, all these Uyghurs are shahids, they will go straight to heaven.

  • And I repeat again, this site is India-oriented. It spreads Indian propaganda.

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