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Wednesday 12 May 2021

Karachi Protest against Israel’s Attacks on Palestinans

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KARACHI (Ruptly) – Pakistani political and Islamic party Jammat-e-Islami called for protests and action in Karachi in solidarity with the recent attacks on Palestinian on Tuesday.

Hundreds of party supporters and locals gathered to chant and fly the Palestinian flag. A group of protesters set fire to Israeli, French, Indian, and U.S. flags.

Jamat e Islami party Karachi president Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman took to the stage to speak to the attendees during the protest.

“Today, in this world, the Palestinians have told us, with their resistance, that real life is to resist, to struggle, and Jihad in the way of Allah”, exclaimed Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman.

Violence has erupted in recent days amid protests in East Jerusalem over possible evictions of Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood. Clashes that began at the Al-Aqsa compound escalated into an exchange of rockets between Hamas and Israel on Monday.

“This incident is a question mark for Muslim nations when such a small nation (Israel) is oppressing Muslims and there is no reaction from anywhere, as was expected”, stated local resident Syed Mufakir Ali.

After Hamas announced that they had launched over 100 rockets at Tel Aviv and central Israel, non-stop sirens rang for several minutes through the city on Tuesday.

Translations from Urdu
Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman, Jamat e Islami party Karachi president:

Today, in this world, the Palestinians have told us, with their resistance, that real life is to resist, to struggle and, Jihad in the way of Allah.

Muddasir Ansari, Local resident :

If all Islamic countries united, I would especially thank [Turkish president] Recep Tayyip Erdogan because he spoke on behalf of the Muslim community. He is the only leader who spoke about the incident, all the others are silent.

Asif Abdul Karim, Local resident :

There is a problem with the Jews as they do not accept the Al-Aqsa Mosque as the first Qibla and they don’t want Muslims to pray there and raise the name of Allah there.

Syed Mufakir Ali, Local resident:

This incident is a question mark for Muslim nations when such a small nation (Israel) is oppressing Muslims and there is no reaction from anywhere, as was expected.

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  • PPakis are stupid people. Why on earth they burn the Indian flag? What is the connection with the Palestinians?

  • Every day Muslims kill thousands (and I say thousands) of other Muslims all over the world in violent wars like in Iraq, Syria, all over Africa, but the Paxtan doesn’t give a damn. There is a clash (without casualties) with Israeli police, the whole Paxtan goes up in flames. This is pure hypocrisy.

  • I say loud and strong: LONG LIVE PALESTINE.

    Shut up, you filthy idol worshippers. India IS the root of the problem. India is helping Israel. India is genociding Muslims in Kashmir. India too was a Muslim country now occupied by invaders.

  • Should we support Palestine?

    Of course NOT. Palestinians helped Khomeyni (Shia Islamists) to take power in Iran. We Iranians (the people, not the regime) we have no sympathy for Palestinians. Same stuff as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Daesh...

  • What is the problem? I guess you are Iranian, right? You should be grateful for the help of the Palestinians that allowed you to restore Islam in your country. Before, your king wanted to westernize you by force and with brutality, by imposing alcohol, sex, homosexuality... and at the same time forbidding you the veil, the mosques, the beard...

  • May Allah bless us with a Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi again. Palestinians should pray for such a hero who could fight for their freedom.

  • Peace to all. I can only say that there have been enough wars on earth, there will come a time when there will be no more mosque, no more temple and remember that history will not remember what the mosque of Al Aqsa or the temple of the Jews was, history will only remember that once there was a mosque and a temple whose ruins will be beneath the earth. And history will say that once there were two fools who fought for some bricks and stones. God bless and give patience to the Muslims and the Jews.

  • Pakistanis are more concerned about other countries than their own. Every day there are rallies against France, Israel, India, USA... Instead of addressing their own problems in their 4th world country.

  • Several Hollywood stars took a stand against the possible expulsion of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarra neighbourhood in Jerusalem in favour of Jewish families. They denounce in particular "Israeli oppression".

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