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Monday 5 April 2021

Jordan Ex-Crown Prince Accused of “Malicious Plot”

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DOHA (Al Jazeera) – Jordan’s deputy prime minister says King Abdullah’s half-brother, Prince Hamzah, has links with “foreign parties” over plot to undermine security.

Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, 41, said he had been placed under house arrest on Saturday. The former crown prince of Jordan has said he will defy government orders to stop communicating with the outside world and remain indoors.

Natasha Ghoneim reports from Amman:

The public rift between Prince Hamzah and King Abdullah is unprecedented. Tensions within the royal household, however, have reportedly been present for some time.

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  • Before his death, King Hussein had designated his son Prince Hamza, half American and Syrian, as his successor. His eldest son Abdullah, half English, did not respect his last wishes, and BTW was never accepted by the Jordanians.

    I understand though that being the eldest son (even half English), it was hard not to have been chosen by his father.

  • My best wishes for the country I love, Jordan. I hope that this crisis ends quickly and definitively. I hope that all people succeed in forming networks of transparency and ethical exemplarity in all political parties, unions, cities and villages. I believe that this is the best method to strengthen democracy and ensure socio-economic progress... No, it’ just a joke. Who cares about Jordan, they don’t even have oil.

  • The West has a bad constitution. In the West, the ultimate truth does not exist, whereas in the Orient it is the absolute lie that does not exist because it is doomed to disappear. We are not survivors, but ghosts.

  • Jordan is the true (historical) Arabia. What is now Saudi Arabia was essentially an uninhabited land. Yemen and Oman were not Arabic at all. Thus, the king of Jordan is the king of all Arabs, especially Petra, the holiest site of the ancient Arabs, is in his country.

  • So what? What are you trying to say?

  • Nothing, I just exhibit my in-depth erudition.

  • F. Hamilton: "the king of Jordan is the king of all Arabs"

    He is above all the satellite of the king (queen) of England.

  • Jordan is anartificial country created after WWI by the British. Like all other Arab countries of the region. None of these fake countries will last.

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