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Friday 14 May 2021

Israel’s FM Speaks to WION amid Gaza Violence

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NEW DELHI (WION) – Balls of flames continue to rise high into the skies of Gaza. Both Hamas and Israel, seem dead set on a path of destruction.

WION’*’s Executive Editor Palki Sharma Upadhyay sat down with Paul Hirschson, the spokesperson of Israel’s foreign ministry to understand the conflict better.

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  • We can see here the difference between a non-Muslim country like India and any Muslim country. We are talking here with courtesy and objectivity. It is not for nothing that India has become a great power while Pakistan is a shithole.

  • Thanks to United Fucking State of Fucking America, there is chaos every from Middle East to Africa. This is to save and keep the Zionist state alive after all a few years ago there was an article in Jerusalem Post stating chaos in Middle East is good for Israel. Palestinian always suffered regardless.

  • very 😔 Allah make easy for family and friends who lost their loved ones Allal show right path wrong doing people’s taking other people land and houses

    Ameen sum Ameen

  • India is the only, yes the only country in the whole world that defends the indefensible, I mean Israel. India has the same goal as Israel: the genocide of the entire Muslim population. India wants to do to Kashmir what Israel is doing to Gaza and the West Bank. And this is only the beginning, the ultimate goal is to conquer all Muslim territories.

  • Godd Morning Arangzeb!

    Have you forgotten your pills again? Or maybe you had nightmares? Best wishes from India.

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