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Tuesday 6 April 2021

Iran Starts Mechanical Test of IR-9 Centrifuges

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TEHRAN (ISNA) — The spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi announced that his concern has begun the mechanical test of its new-generation IR-9 centrifuges.

Currently, Iran enriches uranium via IR-1, IR-2m and IR-4 centrifuges. Under the Nuclear Deal, Iran is only allowed to use IR-1 centrifuges.

Behrouz Kamalvandi

In an interview with ISNA on Tuesday, Kamalvandi said:

One of the advances made in the field of uranium enrichment is the beginning of the mechanical test of the IR-9 centrifuge.

The output of the IR-9 centrifuge can stand at 50 SWUs. This machine is one of the most important completely native centrifuges in Iran which manufactures and operates with new standard methods.

Iran has been working on development of new and upgrading existing uranium enrichment centrifuges. In reprisal to the U.S.’s withdrawal from the Nuclear Deal, Iran began using advanced centrifuges at its nuclear sites. On April 1, Iran commenced uranium enrichment in the Natanz underground facility via the fourth cascade of IR-2m class centrifuges.

Besides, Kamalvandi also boasted that Iran will unveil 133 achievements in the nuclear industry on Friday April 9, which marks the National Day of Nuclear Technology:

40 items out of the 133 achievements are related to the field of uranium enrichment.

Moreover, 12 projects in different fields including quantum, laser, nuclear medicine, and enrichment will be inaugurated on the same day by President Hassan Rouhani through video conference.

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  • So, so, so... Trump was right. What will Biden say next?

  • This is exactly Trump’s fault. By pulling out of the nuclear deal to please his Saudi buddies, Trump pushed Iran into nuclear development. They had stopped everything, now they will go for the bomb.

  • Obama’s plan to give Iran nuclear weapons.

  • And why Obama would do that? It doesn’t make sense, say something sensible.

  • Nuclear weapons are currently the absolute privilege of non-Muslim, and mainly Christian, countries. Pakistan’s atomic bombs are a joke; they are in small quantities and under the complete control of the American army. The possession of nuclear weapons is a duty for the Muslim world, and this in the same proportions as its aggressors. Of course, this very dangerous arsenal must remain under the authority of a high moral and political authority. Only one person can fulfil this responsibility: the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • This Dr Tabatabee has the merit of being honest and saying loud what all Muslims are thinking quietly . But, I am not sure that all Muslims agree with his opinion on the Supreme Leader in Iran.

  • جناب دکتر طباطبائی گرامی،

    بسیار زیبا و با منطق مینویسید. امّا اینگونه اظهارات در ملإ عام صلاح نیست. بهانه میدهد دست آمریکا. شما بصورت تئوری میگویید که حّق مسلم مسلمانان است که از خود با صلاح هسته ای دفاع کنند، این غربیان بهانه خواهند گرفت که جمهوری اسلامی در حال ساختن بمب است آن هم برای انهدام اسراییل. در صورتی که ایران غنی سازی میکند فقط برای مصارف داخلی صلح جویانه.

  • Instead of centrifuges, Iran should invest heavily in razor factories. It’s cheaper, it doesn’t cause international problems and it’s very useful because obviously there is a lack of razors in this country.

  • Epic Dustin; "And why Obama would do that? It doesn’t make sense"

    Because "Barack Hussein" Obama.

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