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Saturday 13 March 2021

Iran’s Oil Output Grows in February

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TEHRAN (Fars News Agency) — Iran’s Crude Oil Output showed increase in February, according to the latest data released by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

The OPEC report added that Iran’s oil production rose by 35,000 barrels per day to 2.12 mln bpd in February, adding that the country’s heavy crude oil price also grew in February from $6.28 to $60.66 per barrel. However, the respective shares of domestic use and for export are not clear.

According to the report, OPEC crude oil production in February dropped by 647,000 bpd month-over-month to an average 24.85 mln bpd.

Saudi Arabia had the biggest cut (930,000 bpd) among the OPEC producers. On the other hand, Iraq rose output by 59,000 bpd, becoming the second-biggest OPEC producer with a total of 3.9 mln bpd.

A relevant data published by OPEC in January showed that Iran had continued its push toward retaining the oil market share as the country added more barrels to its daily production in January compared to the month before.

Iran’s crude oil output averaged 2.08 mln barrels per day in December, an increase of 62,000 bpd from December 2020, OPEC said in its monthly report.

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  • USA can nothing against us because we beleive in GOD and GOD protect us.

  • You don’t believe in God, you believe in ALLAH.

  • Iran is rumoured to smuggle its oil through Iraq. This is why Iraqi exports are so high in the current circumstances. So in Iraq’s figures there is a share of Iranian oil. There must be some middlemen in Iraq right now who are making a fortune.

  • There should be Iranian oil that is laundered through the Turks as well. Erdogan’s sons have made "billions of dollars" in the past by helping the Iranians to bypass the sanctions.

  • There should not be much Iranian oil on the markets, otherwise prices would not be so high, especially since the Iranians are dumping their oil. The article says in February the iranian barrel was at $6.28! That’s a tenth of the current price!

  • @Hojat-ol-eslam Kamalizadeh

    In farsi we say: "in hameh djaa-namaaz aab nakesh"

  • تو که باز پیدات شد عنقلابی. تو هم این همه کون غرب رو نلیس چیزی بهت نمیماسه.

  • مرجع تقلید این بنده حقیر امام خمینی راحل بودند. ایشان با لیسیدن ماتحت ملکه انگلیس و دیگر جاه و مکان های آن بانو، به عرش علا رسیدند. پس این مرید چرا نکند.

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