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Wednesday 7 April 2021

Former Tukkish Presidential Soldiers Sentenced to Life

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LYON (euronews) — At least 32 former Turkish soldiers have been sentenced to life in prison for their involvement in the failed 2016 coup.

A total of 497 defendants have gone on trial since 2017 for attempting to overthrow the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The court near Ankara handed 32 defendants life sentences, including former soldiers attached to the presidential guard regiment, state media reported. The suspects were convicted on several charges, including attempting to overthrow the constitutional order.

One defendant was sentenced to 61 years, while another 106 suspects were given sentences between 6 and 16 years in prison, state media say. Other defendants were either acquitted or were not given prison terms.

During the coup attempt, armed forces tried to seize the military headquarters in Ankara, as well as occupying the headquarters of the state broadcaster TRT, and forcing a television broadcaster to read out a statement on behalf of the coup’s organisers.

Aggravated life terms — which mean there is no chance of parole — were given to a former lieutenant colonel who forced the anchorwoman to read the statement, a former colonel accused of giving the order for the takeover of the TRT building and a former major who led a team that attempted to take over the military headquarters.

The massive trial was one of hundreds against suspected members of a network led by US-based cleric Fethullah Gülen, who Turkey has accused of orchestrating the failed attempt. Gülen, a former ally of Erdogan, denies the accusations. In November, 337 people, including officers and pilots, were sentenced to life imprisonment after another significant court case.

More than 250 people were killed during the failed attempt and around 2,200 others were wounded.

Following the coup, the Turkish government launched wide-ranging purges to remove Gülen’s alleged followers from the country’s administration, judiciary, and security forces.

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  • This piece of news is much more interesting:

    Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Union’s executive arm, was left awkwardly standing as her colleague EU President Charles Michel and President Erdogan of Turkey took the only two available seats between the E.U. and Turkish flags.

  • Well done for them for backing so much Turkey.

  • I am of course talking about the Ursula von der Leyen story (@ Rami) and not the poor guys who were sentenced to life!!

  • I give Erdogan two years max. He will be overthrown by his best friends and allies within his own party. The economic situation in Turkey is bad and Erdogan is losing popularity. In general, people prefer bread to adventure.

  • Erdogan faces a dilemma of charisma. He is too occidental for the islamists and too islamist for the modernists. He loses on both sides and the army will eventually take over.

  • We know that the 2016 coup was organized by the CIA during the Obama era. The question is why? What Erdogan did to deserve this? We know that Turkey was (and still is) the main logistical backer of ISIS that was created by Obama. There is something I don’t understand.

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