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Sunday 28 March 2021

Flights from Kazakhstan to Turkey Remains Suspended

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NUR SULTAN / ex ASTANA (Kazakhstan Pravda) — At a press briefing, Dastan Ryspekov, chairman of the Committee of Tourism Industry, announced that Kazakhstan was planning to resume air travel to Thailand and Georgia in August, while Turkey remains debated.

Ryspekov said:

As for outbound tourism, on 20 June, air communications with Turkey and South Korea were opened. From 20 June to 4 July, 622 Kazakh tourists visited Turkey.

He noted that thanks to this, companies in the outbound tourism sector were able to begin fulfilling their obligations to tourists, including those related to previously deferred vouchers.

Ryspekov concluded:

Unfortunately, due to the worsening epidemiological situation, flights to Turkey have been temporarily suspended. As the epidemiological situation improves, issues are being discussed to resume flights to a number of other countries, including flights to Thailand and Georgia in August. Everything depends on the epidemiological situation. Today, the option of resuming flights from 10 August is being considered.

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  • Less they go to Turkey, better they will be.

  • It must be very catastrophic for Turkey right now. Tourism is their number one industry. If it goes on too long, Erdogan will have social unrest on his hands.

  • Don’t worry for Turkey. Turkey is not like Greece. We have a strong industry and we export alot. Greece has nothing else than tourism. Armenia don’t have even the tourism, they are really backward. Armenians and greeks think because they are christians so they are very civilized like germans. sooner or later theywill fall in the hands of Turkey. they dont have any chance.

  • There are plenty of Armenians in France. Many have become great personalities in science, the arts, politics, business, etc. There are also a lot of Turks, especially here in Alsace. The best thing they do is the kebab.

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