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Friday 30 April 2021

Female Soldiers, the New Faces of the Prophet’s Mosque

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MEDINA (Arab News) — The all-female contingent of military-trained officers stationed at the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina consists of 113 women. This contingent of women was formed eight months ago and is now part of the internal security branch of the Saudi Arabian Special Security Forces.

Impressive progress has been made in Saudi Arabia towards women’s empowerment and gender equality since 2016. Over the years, many images have appeared online that illustrate the advancing status and role of women in the country. Arab News spoke to the female soldiers guarding and watching over visitors at the Prophet Mohammed’s Mosque in Medina:

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  • این اعراب "شیر شتر و سوسمارخوار" دارند آدم میشند، ما روز به روز گوساله تر. اما تو سر هر ایرانی بزنی، میگه کوروش کبیر و هخامنشیان و از این دری وری ها.

  • Oh that’s wonderful! Coming up next: cheerleaders too, why not gambling machines and condom dispensers?

    Why has the Muslim, who not so long ago was the master of the world, lowered himself to the point where his reference is no longer the Koran and the Hadith, but the eyes of the Westerner and the opinion of the media?

    Soon there will be Korans with advertisements for women’s lingerie and Johny Walker whiskey. Brothels, gay bars and swingers clubs will open in Mecca, and the World will praise the progressive work of the Prince of the Dark bin Salman.

  • Dr TabTab,

    You are a dangerous fanatic. You think a woman who works outside her home is a whore. I pity your wife, if you have one. I hope she has the right to go out alone...

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