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Wednesday 5 May 2021

EU Suspends Deal with China over Uyghur Controversy

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BERLIN (DW News) — A diplomatic spat between the European Union and China has jeopardized a major investment agreement, officials said on Tuesday.

EU Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis told AFP news agency that efforts to win approval for the deal were effectively on ice. “We now in a sense have suspended ... political outreach activities from the European Commission side”, Dombrovskis said in an interview.

Brussels and Beijing signed a new investment agreement in 2020 intended to guarantee a stable framework of conditions for trade and investment in each other’s markets. The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) was signed in December after seven years of negotiation.

In March, the EU imposed sanctions against China for its treatment of the Uyghur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region. These were the first human rights sanctions against China since the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

In response, Beijing immediately announced counter-sanctions against members of the European Parliament, and others. Doubts have been raised about the deal in recent months, with experts and human rights advocates calling on the EU to ditch the deal.

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  • Why rhey don’t do the same against India for what is happening right now in Kashmir? really why?

  • For once, I agree with Arangzeb, why bother with Muslims in China . muslims are the source of all the problems in the world. Let China handle the problem with its own methods.

  • I have an Australian friend who is Uighur. His whole family was detained for no reason. He is the only one who managed to escape and get asylum in Australia. He is a lovely man who is in great pain for his family.

  • We pose as a Great Islamic country, but we shall not utter a word against Uighurs. For us Master Xi is above all religion. Love from Pakistan

  • "New Zealand’s parliament unanimously voted to name China’s treatment of the Uighur people in Xinjiang province as severe human rights abuses on Wednesday,"

    Big nations like America and European union should learn a lesson from new zeland bravery .

  • One thing about the NZ army, they may be limited in numbers but their boys know how to fight and they do fight well. If I was China I would be careful when it comes to Australia and New Zealand, their troops are well trained to fight and to fight hard.

  • @Imran

    yourr prime minister said that they don’t have any information regarding this !!

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