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Saturday 1 May 2021

Dozens Arrested in Istanbul during Labour Day Protest

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ISTANBUL (Ruptly) — Riot police detained dozens of people in Istanbul as they attempted to march to Taksim Square on Saturday for Labour Day observed on May 1.

Protesters from various unions tried to reach Taksim Square from different locations, marching while carrying banners and chanting slogans. According to local news, at least 20 people were arrested during the march.

Officers were seen forcefully pushing protesters to the ground before detaining them and forcing them into a bus. Police also requested people, including some local reporters, not to take or share pictures of both the event and the arrests.

Days before the protest, Turkey’s Security Directorate issued a circular banning the filming and taking photos of arrests, saying it violates officers’ privacy.

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  • American agents trying to destabalize Turkey. They hope to create a "color revolution" in Turkey. Fortunately the prople backs Erdogan.

  • ((الله المستعان))

  • there is a lockdown and when they are arrested by police,they screaming ’’fascist police’’ hahaha soo funny

  • But what exactly were the protesters asking for?

  • They can’t stop it now, the protests are growing, the more arrests there are, the more people join in.

  • Jefffrey Carpenter: "But what exactly were the protesters asking for?"

    The Erdogan system is starting to run out of steam. It started long before the pandemic (see here: http://gca.satrapia.com/turkey-s-lira-meltdown)

    The coronavirus has only made things worse. Turkey is bankrupt and the economic situation of ordinary people is getting worse. The nationalist, Islamist or pan-Turkish narrative no longer holds. The people want to eat.

  • We must help Turkey economically, how I don’t know, otherwise they will migrate in mass to Europe.

  • Don’t worry, we don’t need youe money. Sooner you will need OUR money and OUR help. Turkey is becoming a great empire with azerbaijan and all other turkik countries of central asia

  • Dear Ferhat,

    The major problem of you Muslims, and you Turks in particular, is that you live in the fantasy of a very distant past. Open your eyes, you have not only missed the industrial revolution, but also the Renaissance. And for the last 7 centuries you have been trying to get back on your feet but you can’t.

    A Turkish Empire? Dream on. Without the help of others, you are not even able to run the few industries you have.

    Turkey under Erdogan is going backwards every day, accept it.

  • The fall of Constantinople (Byzantine Greek: Ἅλωσις τῆς Κωνσταντινουπόλεως, romanized: Hálōsis tē̂s Kōnstantinoupóleōs; Turkish: İstanbul’un Fethi, lit. ’Conquest of Istanbul’) was the capture of the Byzantine Empire’s capital by the Ottoman Empire. The city fell on 29 May 1453,[7] the culmination of a 53-day siege which had begun on 6 April 1453.

    The attacking Ottoman army, which significantly outnumbered Constantinople’s defenders, was commanded by the 21-year-old Sultan Mehmed II (later called "Mehmed the Conqueror"), while the Byzantine army was led by Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos. After conquering the city, Mehmed II made Constantinople the new Ottoman capital, replacing Adrianople.

    The Fall of Constantinople marked the end of the Byzantine Empire, and effectively the end of the Roman Empire, a state which dated back to 27 BC and lasted nearly 1,500 years.[8] The capture of Constantinople, a city which marked the divide between Europe and Asia Minor, also allowed the Ottomans to more effectively invade mainland Europe, eventually leading to Ottoman control of much of the Balkan peninsula.

  • Bodhidharma:

    The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, anger, and delusion.

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