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Sunday 9 May 2021

CIS Ambassador to US Call for Preserving Truth about WWII

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WASHINGTON (TASS) — CIS diplomats have called on the world community to spare no effort not to let the world slide back to the dangerous line, like during World War II.

“Seventy-six years ago Nazism was defeated. The fascist machine for the enslavement and extermination of entire peoples was stopped. No matter how many years it has been, May remains the most cherished and sacred holiday for us”, as follows from a joint article by the ambassadors of Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan to the United States released on Sunday.

“The multinational people of the Soviet Union took the most brutal blows of the Nazi invaders. The Hitlerites sent three quarters of their troops to the Eastern front”, the document states. “The largest and decisive battles of World War II took place on the territory of the USSR. It was natural that the Red Army was the one to capture Berlin and victoriously complete the defeat of the Third Reich, liberating Europe from the fascist yoke.”

“We hold sacred the contribution of all Allies to common Victory. May 9 is an occasion to recall that the states of the Anti-Hitler Coalition became the United Nations in 1945. During the hard war years, they stood shoulder to shoulder, conducted Arctic convoys and raised frontline toasts to friendship at a historic meeting on the Elbe River”, the article reads.

The diplomats stressed the importance of preserving “the historical truth about the common struggle to free the world from Nazism for present and future generations.”

“And [it is necessary] to remember that today joint efforts are required from the international community to keep the modern world from approaching the danger line again”, it says.

The diplomats congratulated WWII veterans of the Anti-Hitler Coalition nations.

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