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Saturday 15 May 2021

Armenia-Azerbaijan Talks on Border Situation to Continue

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YEREVAN (TASS) — Talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan on the border situation have not produced results and will continue on May 16, the Armenian Defence Ministry reported on Saturday.

The statement said:

The Armenian side yet again firmly asked the Azerbaijani Armed Forces to leave the sovereign territory of the country and return to the initial positions without any preconditions in order to avoid the further aggravation of the situation and unpredictable consequences.

On Wednesday, the Armenian Defence Ministry announced that the Azeri Armed Forces attempted to carry out “certain operations” in the Syunik Region in a bid to “redefine the border”. The Azerbaijani forces ceased their activities after the Armenian Armed Forces took measures in response. Negotiations are underway in order to sort out the situation. Pashinyan stated that the Azeri forces had crossed the Armenian border and moved 3.5 km deep into its territory. He branded the incident as an attempt against Armenia’s sovereignty.

Following the end of military action in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone last fall, when seven regions adjacent to Nagorno-Karabakh came under Azerbaijan’s control, the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan moved to the immediate vicinity of the Syunik Region.

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  • When muslims are strong in their mind, they win like muslim Azerbajan against christian Armenia. Turkey and Azerbajan should be an example for us in Pakistan in our war against india

  • @Aurangzeb

    What you say is hilarious, dude! anyway, Iran which is obviously a Muslim country (alas!) backs Armenia. change your mentality; the world is not on one side Muslim and on the other side non-Muslim.

  • Don’t bother with Arangzeb, Nader. This poor Paki posts his comments directly from a mental hospital in Islamabad. He used to be a janitor but received a blow on his head, now he thinks he is a descendant of the Mughals.

  • @videsh

    Maybe Aurangzeb is writing right from a mental hospital, maybe not. What he says is what all muslims think. This is the problem. Either we should put almost 2 billion muslims in mental hospital, either they should change their mindset.

  • The problem of the Caucasus is not really a Christian-Muslim antagonism. Iran and Armenia do not have this problem. The issue is pan-Turkism and the goal of linking Turkey to Azerbaijan within the same boundaries. If this goal is achieved, Turkey - or perhaps a federation of Turkey and Azerbaijan - will be present on both the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and will make Turkey a major player in Eurasia.

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