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Friday 12 October 2018

Kyrgyz Diplomacy in Turmoil


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BISHKEK (24.kg) — Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Korea Kylychbek Sultan applies for political asylum. In the same time, Foreign Affairs Minister Erlan Abdyldaev submits resignation. The head of state accepted the resignation.

On September 28, Kylychbek Sultan sent a notice to the president with a request to dismiss him for objective investigation of information about corruption at the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Malaysia by the Security Council. Previously, he headed the diplomatic mission in this country. He has been relieved of his post by presidential decree.

However, Kylychbek Sultan will not return to Kyrgyzstan. He told 24.kg news agency. He denied all the allegations voiced in the decision of the Security Council on the results of verification of information on corruption in the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Malaysia:

The message of the Security Council is slander and lie. I can provide evidence on each item. When I travelled on private business, for treatment from Korea to Malaysia, I took unpaid leave and timely informed the Foreign Affairs Ministry.


All the diplomatic missions of Kyrgyzstan due to the shortage of personnel until 2016 attracted students for internship. The fact that I was living in a hotel in Korea for a long time, still being without a family and taking money for my spouse is not true. And the newspapers Super, Super Crossworddor, Super Scanworddor have not been published for 10 years. These publications have never been economic entities. As for the accreditation cards, I did not know that they should be returned. I left them in Bishkek and forgot about them. Not only me, but also the Minister Erlan Abdyldaev must be held accountable for not taking the cards from me in due time.

Kylychbek Sultan does not believe that the prosecution authorities will conduct an objective investigation on the decision of the Security Council:

I am completely disappointed with the current government. I don’t have any more trust in the authorities or the president, and I don’t recognize such power in Kyrgyzstan. If, after my repeated address to the head of state, the head of the presidential administration, the Security Council, without speaking to me, he makes a decision that has slandered me, then I cannot seek justice in the current government. We know that both the prosecutor’s office and the State Committee for National Security are in the hands of the authorities. I will not return to Kyrgyzstan.

According to the ambassador, he is currently in Korea with his family. He applied for political asylum in one of the foreign countries. Kylychbek Sultan refused to name this country:

We all see how Sapar Isakov’s one-year-old daughter grows up without her father, almost does not know him. Although the fault of the former prime minister is not proven. But his family has already been punished.


Omurbek Tekebayev could not witness the first school success of his youngest daughter. He was convicted at the request of some crook. I also have a little daughter who is just beginning to talk, I want to be near her. But I will fight. I will return to Kyrgyzstan in 5-10 years and I will prove my case.

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