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Friday 23 June 2017

Kyrgyz Administration Establishes the Amount of Almsgiving


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BISHKEK (Satrapia, 24.kz) — The Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kyrgyzstan (SAMK or Muftiat) has established for the Muslim faithful of the country a chart as a rule of almsgiving (sadaq√©), its collection and use according to the Shariah.

Official Kyrgyz Almsgiving
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As explained by the SAMK, every person has the right to give alms for any of the above amount. To provide greater support to those in need, it is better to give them at a higher price.

These figures are based on the price of 1.6 kg of wheat, flour or raisins, or 3.2 kg of barley or persimmon. Due to price instability, SAMK asks to draw the attention of believers to adjust the given amounts.

Kyrgyzstan is facing a serious radicalisation of its population. There are more mosques than schools built in the country each year. There has been a marked increase in Arab Islamic fashion seen on the streets (something previously unusual in Kyrgyzstan), especially among young people. The central mosque, which used to be an empty sightseeing spot for tourists, is now packed on Fridays. Men with beards and dressed in Imam-style clothing knock on the doors of every house offering Islamic teachings. Reportedly, 500 youth from Kyrgyzstan have joined terrorist groups in Syria.

In this context, the aim of Kyrgyz government is to regulate Islamic activities, thus avoiding to see it to fall in the hands of extremist Islamists.

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