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Aquasil to Commercialize Ancient Silver Water Source in Tajikistan


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NEW YORK (Press release) – Aquasil International, Inc., the manufacturer of premium silver water worldwide, announced it has entered into a joint venture agreement with the government of Tajikistan to develop an area of the Kandara Varzob District.

View from Bigar table. 4 km north from the Varzob centre. Elevation: 1530m (38.799316°0′N 68.838658°0′E)

The Kandara Varzob District has proven to be one of the largest silver water deposits in Tajikistan. Aquasil has been granted full exclusivity to explore and develop the property. As part of Aquasil’s developmental program, the Company has initiated Phase 1 of the fieldwork, which consists of site construction and water sampling.

Silver is not only a precious metal used to produce coins and jewellery. It’s known that to drink “silver water” can appease gastric pain. This is not the only healing property of the metal. It turns out that it is necessary for our body and cures various diseases from SARS to burns.

Silver ions are actively involved in the regulation of metabolic processes related to the functioning of the brain, endocrine glands, liver and bone tissue, and improve our circulatory system. Recently, scientists have concluded that silver is a powerful immuno-modulator, comparable to steroids. But most importantly, silver is capable to destroy pathogens. This property was studied in the 1980s by the Swiss botanist Carl Nägeli. He called it oligodinamy (from the Greek oligos – “small” and dynamos – “action”). However oligodynamic effect occurs only if the metal is in dissolved (ionized) form.

In accordance with the strict governmental program, the Aquasil must conduct a full reconnaissance, engineering and geological survey of the construction site. In addition to the site itself, a complete program covering all specific and salient points within a 1 km radius of the construction site must be compiled and filed with the government agency. The program will consist of the following:

  1. Sampling of water on Zagryaznyaemost on a broad-spectrum chemical analysis.
  2. Detailed analysis of water for bacteriological content.
  3. Extensive soil sampling within 1km radius.
  4. Securitization of water shed.

Upon completion, Aquasil envisions a smooth transition from permitting and planning to full deployment of its production facilities.

Aquasil International, Inc. (otcqb:AQUS, pinksheets:AQUS) is a producer, manufacture, and retailer of premium silver water worldwide.

Varzob (ورزاب) is a district in the Region of Republican Subordination in Tajikistan, lying north of Dushanbe. It borders on Hisor District from the west, Rudaki District from the south, and Vahdat District from the east. The Gissar Range runs along its northern edge. The Varzob River traverses the entire district north to south. The district capital is Varzob.

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