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Talgo Foundation Signed Agreement to Boost Socio-Cultural Integration of Young Kazakh Women


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(Talgo press service) – The Kazakhstan Foundation for Cultural Social and Educational Development (KFCSED) and the TALGO Foundation, signed an agreement to boost the training and socio-cultural integration program aimed at young Kazakh women.

The Foundation TALGO and KFCSED signed recently a Collaboration Agreement for the purpose and need to strengthen the role of women in Kazakhstan, and to have a positive impact in a different way in one of the countries where Talgo is more present.

The TALGO Foundation in cooperation with its local partner KFCSED, has boosted a program of training and socio-cultural integration which started in early September, and targets young Kazakh women between the ages of 18 to 25 with fewer resources.

For the project completion, valued at €60,000, the TALGO Foundation will fund more than 67%, making a contribution of €40,000 in two years.

Following the implementation of the action at the headquarters of the Kumble Vocational Centre belonging to KFCSED, 360 women in risk population group will have developed skills, acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge, developing leadership skills, and communication habits, achieving an improvement of the conditions of their communities and entering the labour market.

Thanks to direct contact with representatives of companies in the service sector, and the guided practice in these companies, they will have more opportunities to access suitable jobs. In this regard, both organizations expect an approximate percentage of labour insertion of 60%. Moreover, a lasting impact in their communities will be cause by helping 1,800 people, and Kazakh society will become, somehow, aware regarding gender.

Through collaboration with public vocational training schools in the service area (hostesses and train technicians, cooks, waiters, cleaners, etc.), with firms in the service sector (customer agency of trains, etc.) and with girls from rural areas, TALGO Foundation and KFCSED will create new bridges between these population centres opening up opportunities for training and socio-cultural integration.

The KFCSED, thanks to the momentum and direction of the TALGO Foundation, will give 192 hours of theoretical and practical training will at Talgo’s headquarters in Almaty every year during the agreement lasting.

Furthermore, the participants will attend 90 hours of professional practice in different firms in the service sector. In order to promote and maintain leadership, communication skills and the initiative, KFCSED will monitor the training received by the beneficiaries and will organized conferences with representatives of the private sector such as TALGO among others for 360 participants, as well as those activities that allow monitoring of their training.

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